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Poomother how the devil are you. laugh.gif

I bought a new Oztrail Standard compact last week. Has to be that to fit across the back of the car. I feel its better constructed that the previous model.

The roof is also thicker.

The altegra is to heavy for me.

:-) I am ok thanks BB, not doing a lot. How about you?

I ended up purchasing a replacement canopy (white) for my deluxe, not entirely sure the 'deluxe' canopy is as thick as the old blue one it came with though. This is just for the interim as I still think I should get a compact. The deluxe fits diagonally across my tray so packing it for a show means I have to use the back seat, I want to utilise the space in the tray for my trolley etc hence the compact idea. Guess I should practice putting the bugger up on my own, always fortunate previously to have a couple of friends around to help :-)

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Anyone looking for bargains in the Oztrail Gazebo range, check out http://www.snowys.com.au

I purchased my Oztrail Compact Deluxe for $179 with free shipping through most of Australia. And that in itself is a bargain because for most purchases I'm looking at a minimum of $70 postage/freight for anything with a bit of size or weight to it being sent to Tasmania.

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Ooh great site, didn't know Snowys, good sale prices for Coleman gazebos as well. Market stall holders have told me Coleman are the best buy. I had a red Oztrail, looked smashing but was hot as, bad choice. Was destroyed by wind at home. Its replacement white (blue top) also destroyed by wind (we have bad gales). I did buy a cute little Proton Jumbuck ute to carry it/them, it made packing them so easier doing markets.

Now I've stopped cards/farmers markets for the time being but still drive the ute, these small 'girlie utes' are so handy for dogs and for horsey stuff and nimble to park etc and the canopy back makes them a mini mobile gazebo in themselves, depending on need/use required of course.

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