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I Can Not Watch All This Video Warning !

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LINK TO PAGE with video


  • World-first undercover investigation in China
  • Australian greyhounds locked in solitary confinement
  • Stories of live dogs fed to predators at wildlife park
  • Greyhounds exported to Macau are dead within 3 years
  • Live baiting, mass killing of dogs in Vietnam
  • Dozens of Australians implicated

It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to describe the state of dog racing overseas as 'The Greyhound Hunger Games'.Dogs are killed then dumped in mass graves in Vietnam, while locals tell stories of live greyhounds being fed to big cats and other predators at the Shanghai wildlife park. And at Macau's 'Canidrome', Australian greyhounds are literally running for their lives.

Despite gambling on greyhound racing being illegal in mainland China, and an industry suspension on exports to Macau, Australian owners have been selling a steady stream of greyhounds into the region. Macau is their biggest customer. And with the big bucks made through the auctions of new arrivals, there's no incentive to keep old, slow, or injured dogs alive.

it is probably best if you DO NOT click on the video ... trust me - what has been seen cannot be unseen :cry:

pls do sign the petition though ...

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I saw this on Tv last night Sickening.I don't understand how in these modern times anyone can be cruel to animals.

Do these people not have any compassion or common sense .Our country is not much better with greyhounds being shot when they are of no more use.

Greyhound racing should be stopped everywhere,right now !!

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