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  1. His name and looks made me think of Ziggy Stardust. Back in the day when the dogs were pure breeds or Bitza; and who cared what they were crossed with. Why call any dog designer they are not handbags. As for fees $1500 dollars does not go far at the Vet or visits to the groomer.
  2. Yes GSP and Vizsla in particular are very bird fixated and will love chasing birds through the bush. Look at very intelligent breeds that are easier to train to leave wild life alone. If you want a breed that is more protective perhaps an Australian cattle dog otherwise the Labrador is a good choice. Here is some good information. https://dogell.com/en/compare-dog-breeds/labrador-retriever-vs-german-shorthaired-pointer-vs-dalmatian
  3. Consider a German Shorthaired Pointer. Agree with others about' cant go far wrong with a Labrador'
  4. Rescue pups https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/search/dogs?age=puppy&incompatible_with_dogs=true&interstate=true&per_page=20&size[]=30&state_id[]=3
  5. Flat Coated Retrievers,I don't know much about them. Love the look of the Curly Coats. Wirehaired Vizsla are on my want to own list. They were developed from crossing Hungarian Vizsla with German Wirehaired pointers and other breeds.
  6. Bouvier des Flanders ,Wirehaired Vizla ,Airedale .? I don't think you can go far wrong with a big black Labrador with a deep bark. A Heeler could work but they do best when given a job to do and lots of mental activities. A bored Heeler will soon get in to mischief however if you can put in the time for formal training and are an active person then you will have a good dog. Of your list I think an Irish Wolfhound however they will wander off if not contained behind high fences. My Wolfhound cross once jumped a 7 foot fence when I went to go out without her.
  7. Some info https://dogell.com/en/compare-dog-breeds/rhodesian-ridgeback-vs-weimaraner
  8. Gosh I did not read the entire add. When I clicked on the links it got stranger still . Gut feeling says something not right there.
  9. Maybe look at https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/910121
  10. I do not bemoan the good old days;sure50 +years ago there were litters of cheap pups all over the place but many dogs were not vaccinated and wormed or even seen by a Vet. When I was young my brothers were offered free pups from friends/ colleges who,s family dog had pups. The first pup my brother gave me was free but cost my parents a lot at the Vet to get her healthy. more pups given to me by my brothers and I did my best with them only being a child at the time. Another pup given to me was a working breed that I had to re home because my home was not the best place for him. A few years on I came across a Bull Terrier at a market in the bad old days when pups could be sold at markets and pet shops. I had always wanted a Bull Terrier so handed over the money and took her home. Had her home for a few hours when I saw she had very runny poo so off to the Vet the next day. After a few weeks she was not responding to treatment and found out she had distemper. You never want to see a dog having fits it was horrific;had her put down. After that I said no more dogs but after 2 years I began reading about pedigree dogs and pretty much every dog book I could get my hand on then decided a pure breed was the go so purchased a black Cocker spaniel who I was told was fathered by a champion sire etc etc . No pedigree papers he told me didn't need them he said unless you are a registered breeder ,bs bs etc. Found out months later that the mother of my pup was not a pedigree " Had a bit of something else in her " Later find out pup has brain disorder and her life will be short. ,medication makes her like a zombie so I have her put down. Again say no more pups and get a cat. Months later a friend of a friend comes by on his motor bike carrying a pup in his jacket. I say no I do not want another dog.He asks me to bring water for the pup so I'm giving water to the pup and he takes off and leaves her. Tried to return the dog but get a frost reception from his mother who won't say where the pup is from so I kept her at least she was healthy. Now have things improved these days I would say in some ways yes people have access to a lot of information about buying pets No one can tell you what a fair price is for a pup but i can tell you A pup that is healthy happy of sound mind and temperament is worth it's weight in gold.
  11. When you say 'not a lot of hair' do you mean you don't want a long coated breed or one that sheds a lot.? Have you owned a dog before.? I owned a Cattle dog 'King' when I was a young teen but would not have one again in suburbia. He was the smartest dog I have ever owned and demanded a lot of attention. I taught him to search for hidden objects in the yard and other games to help occupy his mind and he was terrific at it however once I started high school and had less time to spend with him he got bored and dug out all Mum s plants in the yard and then started fence jumping when I left for school. He jumped the fence and bailed up some people who were walking past so Mum said he had to go. I advertised for a home for him stating how he liked to play go find games and was lucky to find a man who trained dogs for search and rescue. He was very impressed with King and said he would have plenty to do and lots of people to interact with. Looked after a friends Kelpie for 10 days and was exhausted at the end of it. Her off switch lasted about 2 minutes then she was let's go again! I know nothing about border collies but I will say unless you are a very very active person who can spend a lot of time with the dog doing activities together not just sitting around then don't get a very active breed. Don;t choose a breed just because you like the look of them. Find a dog that matches your lifestyle. https://www.selectadogbreed.com/
  12. I'm so sorry;the poor Pup. Did the Vet consider Epilepsy or other neurological disorder. Some symptoms of early stages of epilepsy. Between periods where the dog may show calmer behavior and appear to improve then symptoms occur. Very reactive to noise or can seem as if they are deaf and not responding to being spoken to. episodes of the body stiffening. looking scared .Glassy eyed confused like they don't recognize you or their surroundings. Seeking shelter in a safe or dark space'. Not wanting to be touched.Can growl or bite when moved. Running away, sometimes running in circles. Later symptoms can include ;body twitching tremor often when asleep and can be quite violent. Take her back to the Vet and ask him to test her for neurological disorders. Forgot to say poor appetite not eating drinking is also a symptom during episodes. The dog does not need to be unconscious for an episode to occur .
  13. Don't give up hope yet. You may need to look at a small dog rather than a puppy. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/search/dogs?interstate=true&page=1&per_page=24&size[]=10&state_id[]=3
  14. Congratulations ! I met a pup today at a nursery named Rocho.
  15. Sorry managed to post in the wrong topic.
  16. Good to know; Have read so much conflicting info about them. Have always loved the look of the Manchester. So far I think Dalmatians might be the best bet.
  17. Manchester Terrier- Swedish Vallhund ?
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