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Need a plan for strong steel outdoor run for Amstaff


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Hello - I am a new member. :)

I have an adorable 2.5 year old Amstaff and I need to build him a strong, safe and escape-proof outdoor run, for times when I am away from home.
I'm in a rural area so I have to be absolutely sure he can't escape. Currently, I put him in boarding or take him to my mother's house when I go out, but it's not a great long term solution.
Would anyone have any ideas, plans or images of dog runs that are suitable that they are willing to share? Thinking dimensions of about 4 m x 4 m, or thereabouts, possibly bigger?
He'll be right beside my other dogs so won't get lonely. The others are in wooden/wire runs but Kotz would escape those very quickly.
I've uploaded an image of him :) Love him to bits!!


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Go to your local Elders/Wesfarmers or whatever ..or a steel place .. grab sheets of mesh .. build floor/walls/roof with that .We use pens made of re inforcing mesh  for bitches in season .. no one has ever got out, or in  ( only Koolies- but this stuff is also used for feral pig traps -it's STRONG! )

As for a plan .. make sure toilet area is a away from entrance ,and water/food /sleep area. provide shade ..  and rectangular or circular will encourage more movement than a square pen :)

I always like having a raised bed .. and something large/heavy  for water 

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22 hours ago, Josephine1831 said:

Thanks Persephone :)
How do you join the sheets please?
Do you weld or wire onto steel tubing?
I guess it is galvanised.
I can find a pen and copy that, but just wondering how you do it.


We wired panel to panel ... it probably could be done better ;) 

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I'd use welded panels rather than chain link... and at least 4-5mm mesh at that. I had a rotti who managed to literally stretch and tear open chain link when he was determined to get out... errr!


When I built my pet fox enclosure, I attached welded 5mm gal mesh panels to wooden framework - but I have the frame on the OUTSIDE. Mesh was attached with gal stripping with bolts at around 5-6cm gaps. Foxes are smarter than the average dog, and mine haven't worked out any way to escape yet. The run is also on a concrete slab, and has colorbond roofing also bolted at 5-6cm intervals. Easy peasy to build for this old woman actually, so you should have no trouble doing something even more flash for young Kotz... *grin*



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Cheers Persephone :)

I priced some 5 mm mesh today. 3000 mm x 2400 mm. 50 x 75 mm.
Can't get 50 x 100 mm in Australia so it seems. I don't want him to get his jaw stuck if he does have a good go at it.


tdierikx, thanks, That sounds good. I am an old woman too!! haha.
I do my own welding but not keen to weld galvanised, so I'll think about your wood!


I have an Amstaff breeder phoning me tomorrow with advice too.


Feeling more confident to make something solid, thanks everyone!!!!






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My runs at the kennels are made from 50 x 50 x 4.2 mesh. This also complys to dangerous dog enclosures.

Concrete floors and wesh over the top.

At home I have brick and chainmesh but the chainmesh is wired around on all 4 sides and we have had dogs dent it a bit but thats it.

Concrete floor tin roof

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Hi Everyone.


Just wanted to show you the dog pen I eventually made.
He will never escape.


This image is before I put the door on and the mesh roof.


Just got to cover the mesh floor now for comfort. Dirt?

Thanks for all your ideas!!!! Really a huge help with ideas :) 



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What a great job! With the floor, making it easy to clean is the real priority. Dirt becomes mud in wet weather!! Too late for a concrete slab, but you might consider putting large concrete tiles down in say half the area and perhaps gravel in the other half. Both these surfaces are easy to hose and sweep, and not too slippery when wet, although they won't be disinfectable (which is only really necessary if you are changing inhabitants frequently).
Artificial turf looks very nice in a dog run but can get awfully hot on the paws in warm weather.
Adding a clam shell sandpit for digging in might be nice too!

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