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Dog Tags - Online

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Hey guys, has anyone ordered dog tags online before?


I've googled but most of the sites I'm seeing look a bit dodgy.


I'm just looking for a bog standard laser engraved tag that I can hang off a collar - and being the incredibly social butterfly I am, would prefer to do that online so I don't have to stand in a shop while they dust off the machine and make small talk about how they don't know how to operate it. 

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I can confirm that petidtags.com.au are dodgy - bought one for my puppy from there ages ago and selected the size and colour I wanted.

Received an email saying that I'd ordered the standard large red bone size (which I had not), emailed them and got no response and they have no phone number to call~ 


I got the big red bone tag a week later but it definitely wasn't what I ordered and despite the message that came with it "if youre not happy just contact us" never got a response!


I got a very pretty one in a local store a few weeks later though :) 

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17 hours ago, Thistle the dog said:

I got mine from boomerang tags. Really nice quality. Need to order more for the new dog...

I love Boomerang Collar tags. the best ever and you will never need to buy another tag because the ring has broken, nor listen to the jangle of tags. Well priced and although they come from the US I have always had mine arrive within a week or less.

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