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  1. My close friend is judging Airedale Terriers at Crufts. She was to judge next year but the judge scheduled for this year has injured his knee and had to withdraw. My friend was contacted yesterday - one day before judging - and asked to fill in. Disappointed as I had planned to go next year to watch her judge but a bit late to arrange for this year! A couple of links for live stream which I hope work. https://m.youtube.com/user/OfficialCrufts http://www.ourdogs.co.uk/subindex/home.php
  2. That may well be but the OP still needs to do relevant testing for the breed and be prepared to stand by the pups if there is an issue in the future if they want to be ethical. Personally I don't think that having a litter to have " little ones of him/her" is a reason to have a litter. The OP says the bitch is BEAUTIFUL - does the OP have the qualifications to assess the bitch for suitability of breeding or is he/she talking from a pet prospective?
  3. Are you talking about terriers or collies?
  4. Like Dogsfevr I think you have answered your own question. IMO it's not the right time if you have as many doubts as you seem to have.
  5. My DIL's jack russell cross had kidney failure and refused the KD food. He was 18 at the time. He was fed on what he liked to eat which was the VIP roll and smackoos as treats. He lived for another 18 months on this diet before it became necessary to PTS.
  6. I would suggest you buy from an Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) registered breeder who will be a member of their State ANKC affilliated body - Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW etc.
  7. A friend has a CX5 and has a Veriocage. The problem is that the floor of the CX5 does not fold flat. the back seat needs to be down to fit the cage but because it does not fold flat the cage rocks.
  8. Suggest you contact the Schnauzer club of NSW
  9. Interesting, I changed from chicken mince to kangaroo mince and the farts stopped. Different dogs different needs I guess.
  10. I've always (44 years) fed a combination of raw and kibble together. I only feed once a day and have no issue with mixing the two. Basically it is a matter of working out what suits you and your dog. There is no right or wrong way in my opinion.
  11. Maybe harsh but if she has already bitten 3 people I would PTS. By all means check for possible cause of altered behaviour but it is obvious that there has been a problem for some time. Sometimes it is the kindest thing for everyone.
  12. Depends where in Melbourne. If outer east suits you I recommend Clematis Boarding kennels. I've left mine there for a couple of short stays and know others that regularly do so for longer. Have been very happy with them.
  13. Officially I believe it is Best in Show but most people now seem to add "Speciality" If you look at the Dogs Victoria Regulations you will see that there is no mention of Best in Speciality Show. They mention Opposite Sex awards but never mention "Speciality Show" - in part below Opposite Sex Awards Opposite Sex awards may only be awarded at Breed Specialist Shows in accordance with the following procedure: If the runner up to Best in Show is of the opposite sex to the Best in Show, that exhibit is automatically awarded Opposite Sex in Show with all other eliminations proceeding as normal. If the Runner Up to Best in Show is not of the opposite sex to the Best in Show and the Club is a single variety Breed Specialist Club then the opposite Challenge winner to the Best in Show is awarded Opposite Sex in Show with all other eliminations proceeding as normal. If the Runner Up to Best in Show is not of the opposite sex to the Best in Show and the Club is...............etc. Speciality Show is simply a tag exhibitors have added.
  14. I love Boomerang Collar tags. the best ever and you will never need to buy another tag because the ring has broken, nor listen to the jangle of tags. Well priced and although they come from the US I have always had mine arrive within a week or less.
  15. Mine is $65-$70 for a consultation. Just remember if you are driving for an hour - both ways - to see a cheaper Vet in the long run it may not be any cheaper when you take into account fuel and running costs of the vehicle and time spent.
  16. I've started this as a new topic as I didn't want to hijack Pollypops topic on buying a desexed puppy. It can be an interesting experience buying a pure bred dog in this day and age, one I'm so glad that I am not doing. I often think if breeders of today had faced the same attitude to selling pups and protecting "their" lines when they bought their first dog (40+ years ago in my case) they would not have been in the dog world today, nor would many other dedicated people. And yes there were BYB's back then. Maybe not the oodle x's but people bought purebred dogs and indiscriminately bred from them and profited from them which is some ways were worse. If I buy something surely it is my right to do with it as I please. Of course good standards for the care and welfare of the animal are paramount. If a breeder wants to put conditions on the sale then IMO they should not be charging the full price for the pup. When I bought my first purebred dog I remember saying to the breeder "Oh I would not want to show but it would be nice to have a litter or two". So, today I would be sent packing in no uncertain terms, hung, draw and quartered, put on a blacklist of people never to be sold a puppy or adult because I was one who only wanted to make some money and goodness knows what else. Instead I became involved with my breeder's encouragement and experience in what has been a lifelong interest. My breeder encouraged me and many others to do so. I accept that not everyone is prepared to do the right thing and that does make it harder today BUT IMO purebred breeders are a huge part of the state we find the purebred dog world in today and to fix that they need to look at the bigger picture if it is to survive. I've had my time and am pretty much finished in this hobby but I would still like my grandchildren to be able to buy a well bred sound purebred puppy if that is what they wish to do.
  17. Each to their own but I think it is wrong and strongly disagree with it.
  18. According to this https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-and-cats/information-for-the-community/microchipping-registration working dogs are exempt from microchipping and registration with the local council "In NSW, all cats and dogs, other than exempt cats and dogs, must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away, whichever happens first". "If you own a cat born before 1 July 1999 and ownership has not changed, a working dog used for tending stock on a rural property or a greyhound currently registered under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009, you do not need to have it microchipped or registered with your local council. However, it is recommended that you have your cat or dog microchipped for its protection."
  19. Maybe this says more about the owner than the breed as a whole.
  20. The ones I am branding as "puppy farmers" are the ones that have over a quarter of all pups bred in the breed over a year on a regular basis. One breeder (of about 10 breeding the breed) breeding that many pups without offering or knowing how to give any significant back up to those who buy their puppies is IMO a puppy farmer. It has nothing to do with showing or not showing and my original comment probably should have read participation rather than showing. I would expect any breeder breeding a significant number of pups to be able to give back up on health, grooming, training and breed history etc. to their buyers. And yes, asal your are very correct in saying we need to take a leaf from peta type organisations and learn to work together because if we don't we, the purebred dog world, are doomed.
  21. I know of breeders listed on DOL that, while not scammers, are less than ethical. Many of these are puppy farmers without the welfare issues but they have no idea about the breed in terms of the Breed Standard and have no involvement in the breed. They still sell as suitable for show from quality stock but have no basis for this as their dogs have never been evaluated by anyone other than them self. Some of them provide no back up for the puppy buyers in terms of grooming requirements etc, basically because they don't know what to do. I might add some of these so called breeders are also listed on the Dogs Victoria Breeders List so obviously there is no accountability there either. I know there are excellent breeders who are not members of their breed club but IMO it is still worth contacting the Breed Club which usually has a finger on the pulse about decent breeders and those less so.
  22. The nipping would be a deal breaker for me regardless of the circumstances and particularly if it has happened before with a 2 year old.
  23. Mine never have coats on during the day. When it starts to go down to single figure temps overnight I will put a coat on when she goes out to bed. Mine sleeps outside.
  24. In Victoria, and I assume other States as well, I believe you can only show a dog docked legally in another country IF the dog has not already resided in Victoria. For example I cannot breed or own a dog, send it to the US where it is docked and bring it back to Australia and show it.
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