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Looking for Labrador / Golden Retriever to adopt

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Hi All,


As the heading suggests - looking for a Labrador / Golden Retriever to adopt. Preferably between the ages of 2 and 4.


A bit of context, we have a 12 month old labrador girl and want a companion for her to grow up with. She is doing really well and with a lot of persistent positive reinforcement training she has grown into a very cute, calm and obedient fun loving Lab!


Our preference is that the dog is a girl as our pup has not been de-sexed and will not be. We aren't sure how a male will go around her while she is in heat even if he has been de-sexed.


We are located in VIC, but for the right dog we will make things work.


Hopefully we'll hear from soneone soon.

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@juice Hazel has severe Tricuspid Valve Displasia which is a very serious heart disease. Our cardiologist has put her on a non-operating list unless it is life threatening. 


We were originally looking to get a second dog earlier, but given how immature hazel was at the time we decided not to as we didn’t want to put any undue stress on her heart.


Now that she is more mature we feel the time is right to look for another dog.


@sheena I don’t have a preference it’s whatever is best for both Hazel and the new dog! 

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You would be best to get a desexed male.  It would be unsafe to bring a female in to a situation with another undesexed female.


As a rescuer, I've had the nuisance situation of bringing a female rescue home who turned out to be on heat (from the pound).  I've only had one of my males react (and that was a desexed male Italian, they've always got lead in their pencils!).  I've usually had mostly male dogs, it's my preference.  None of the male desexed dogs I've had, have ever reacted to a female in heat.

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