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Decided to get some of the bunnies at work out and try to get some nice photos of them...


... and this is what they gave me... *grin*










... and then one of the pigs was in silly bugger mode, so got a snap of him too... lol!




Seriously... all of the animals at work are such characters... not just the goats/sheep/cows... lol!



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With rabbits, I only see adults at the local farm-pet-pat marquees at shows etc.  I think baby rabbits are a bit fragile to be over-handled.  I know the owner of one does a lot of farm animal rescue, and on-sells lambs etc to good homes to help fund the rescue work.  Can't speak for all of them, but those I have personal knowledge of are ethical and re-home their animals - a couple of our lot came to us this way - from a drought property and via a 'petting nursery'. 

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20 hours ago, Loving my Oldies said:

Where do the animals go when they are all grown up and not so cuddly for children?

They are rehomed to pet homes @Loving my Oldies... and all our bunnies are adults. The lop eared ones in the photos are mini lops, so they aren't huge, but not tiny either (around 2kg each)... and the sable one is a standard, so weighs in at around 3.5-4kg.


All of our animals enjoy going out and interacting with people... and if they don't enjoy it any more, then we find good homes for them to retire to. My boss is a stickler for that.



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3 hours ago, minxy said:

Oh daaaamn they are all so beautiful! I'd LOVE to own bunnies and pigs! I can't have either here :( 

Both can be a lot of hard work to keep clean though @minxy... lol! Only animals messier than pigs and bunnies are ducks... errr!


It can take me an hour to sweep our rabbit pens each day... more if the naughty buggers want to play with the broom... hehe! And you learn real quick not to leave any tools unguarded in the pig pen - those buggers will steal them and run off...  usually dragging them through poo... *sigh*... and they sometimes nip your ankles to get your attention for an ear scratch or bum rub...



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