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An update on Chase

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I haven’t checked in for a little while, this little fella is full of life and keeping me very busy. He is healthy and growing well.

we are slowly working on training, he knows sit, shake, speak, touch and going very well with loose lead walking. Today we started a trip down our long driveway past one neighbours house and back with no pulling at all.

Im still a bit afraid of him eating random things but am becoming more relaxed. 
Chase annoys Scout a lot more than Kane ever did, Chase is far more bitey whereas Kane licked a lot. So we try to keep him away from her most of the time, unless he is calm and sleepy. Poor Scout looks at us for help but doesn’t snap, she’s such a sweet girl.

anyway, here is an up to date snap of Master Chase..... and yours truly.


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It's wonderful to hear that he's doing so well and he certainly looks like he's living his best life in that photo. Such a great picture of you both. :)

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Awesome update @NikkiandKane... but I'll second @persephone's thoughts on Scout telling Chase off... she's not likely to hurt him, but maybe she needs to scare him a little so he learns not to bite her too hard.


I've allowed my older dogs to discipline unruly foster pups (even dingo pups) - a good flattening and telling off (no real harm, just scary as heck for the pup) does wonders for softening puppy biting habits... *grin*



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On 27/09/2020 at 2:17 PM, persephone said:

Thanks for the update :love:  he seems to be doing VERY well :)
Pity Scout didn't snap - that's how pups learn! A decent snap/snarl, = lesson learned. 
Great photo of you both, too :)

Scout does have a bit of a growl at him but all the while she’s looking at us as if she might get in trouble. I kind of wish she would tell him off too, he can be a real pest to her.

outside Scout get up on the outdoor lounge and so far Chase can’t reach her so he just stands and barks.

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I had one Greyhound boy who allowed puppies way too much freedom. Eventually he'd tell them off but it was half hearted and the little buggers knew it! I had to protect him.

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