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My girl is a little bit boy....

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My 3 month old English staffy girl developed a protrusion from her genitals. Upon examination from the Vet, it turns out it is a penis and that she has testes also. She is an Hermaphrodite.

I am keen to get any advise or info from people who have experienced this. Looking back in the Forums, I read about a Pug that went through this, member name LuLu from 2017.

I'm wondering if my vet has enough experience to perform surgery and if I need to seek out specialist help. She said she will just desex her, but is it as simple as this?

Any help is appreciated

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Hi - does she have a penis with a bone in, like a real penis, or just an enlarged clitoris ? Does the 'penis' discharge urine , or does she urinate thru a female urethra ?  I don't know much about the process at all - but am just wondering if your vet told you any of this information :)

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No, I think we were all just a bit shocked. Also, with the covid rules I was not allowed in the exam room with my girl so the diagnosis was given standing up in the waiting room with people outside waiting to get in.... So I'm thinking I need a list of questions and to call and talk it through properly.

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