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FOSTERING: The need is always there

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21 minutes ago, Selkie said:

That last photo - she does look so much happier. How is she going? I'm invested now!

It's over 4 months now since she came here and Strawby is very much still a WIP, sadly.  I still have to shut of access to downstairs at night otherwise she spends the whole night outside as she did last night and it rained heavily :( :(.  She still runs away from me even when I have a treat in my hand. 


There have been some little improvements, but they seem to be short lived.  A couple of examples:  when I have come home from shopping or wherever, she has been at the side gate with the others.  She has coming running to the front door when I open it to come inside, she has appeared at the study door when I and the other dogs are there, just little things like this.  No biggies like a tail wag, or just waiting for me to pick her up.  I still have to corral her and she still shakes like a jelly when I pick her up.  I had to dry and brush her this morning after her night in the rain and she shook the whole time, but she did look nice afterwards :heart: :heart:.  


Sadly I don't think she will ever more than partially heal, but I am getting used to that proposition and we just continue on as usual chatting to her, giving her treats and hoping that one day the penny will drop.  At this stage, I think she is as "happy" as she can be.  

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We are now over 5 months into Operation Strawby.  Not a lot of progress, sadly, just the little things I wrote about before.  


HOWEVER, the other day we did have a tailwag.  I wasn't feeling well, so went back to bed, but took Strawby with me.  She was as stiff as a post, shook most of the time, kept looking at the door, but I was firm LOL.  We probably just lay there cuddling for nearly an hour when I simply had to close my eyes.  So I popped her onto the floor and she strutted off with tail held high as if to say, "Yep, got you trained LMO."


The rescuer visited the other day and announced that she didn't think we would be ever able to rehome her and that she was with me for good!!!  So looks like I have me a "Unicorn" dog.    


Strawby is spending quite a bit of the night inside now, once I've gone to bed.  A few weeks ago, I had to get out of bed and go into the kitchen for something and she was racing out the door to the deck.  I set up the Furbo camera again and found that as soon as I had turned the lights out and gone to  bed, she was coming in and getting into one of the beds in the lounge.  She is always gone by morning, so I don't know how much time she is spending there.  The camera doesn't record.  


I have some photos, but have to put them onto Flikr first.  

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