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FOSTERING: The need is always there

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  • 3 weeks later...

(I missed your comments about the floorboards LOL @Boronia.  They look better in photographs than they actually are.  I have had quotes to have them refreshed, but it means moving out for about three days, storing all the furniture, etc etc and, at the moment, the organisation of that defeats me :laugh: :laugh:. )


As for Strawberry, her recovery will be a long hard row to hoe, sadly :cry:.  Over five weeks now and she still runs, still shakes until you wonder how her body can stand it.  BUT, there have certainly been some improvements.  She joins the others when I start preparing their meals, I no longer have to barricade the steps to the back garden off as she comes and goes freely and, on a couple of occasions, has come when I called her.  Not right up to me, but to the bottom of the steps.  Most times I can give her her medications in little balls of food, at other times, she is too afraid and I have to give up - until next time.   


The only way I can "catch" her is to shut off exits and entrances and try to get her into the kitchen, throw a towel over her and get her that way.  I tried leaving a lead on her, but that is just too dangerous as it can get caught on all sorts of things, so we have to go through the awful towel business.  The last couple of times I have had to do this, she has stopped and given in to the inevitable, and after than she gets cuddles and pats and lots of crooning.  


To see the below photographs, you'd think she was just a normal little dog.  So sad, but we will just keep going, cuddling, patting and crooning LOL.    




Bunches Strawberry Beatrice 2


Beatrice Bunches Strawberry





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2 hours ago, Kazm said:

You certainly sound like you’ve got a handful in little Strawberry. But she looks worth the trouble. I’m sure there is a great little dog underneath all her worries. 

She is def worth all I can do for her and more :heart: :heart:.  It is heartbreaking though.  We are having crazy weather at the moment with hot days and turning really cold at night starting quite early in the evening.  Last night, she was shivering so hard, I simply had to put her through the catching process so I could get a coat on her. She didn’t stop shaking for ages while I held her, but she kept turning towards my face and giving me licks.  I’m quite sure it was an appeasement gesture which made me so angry at whatever or whoever had caused her to think like that.  

This afternoon I gave them all some treats.  I was holding one out for Strawby and Shala swooped in and took it.  Well!!  No more backing away after that.  She wasn’t going to let that happen again :clap: :clap:.   So most days we see a little inching forward.  

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Well, two massive breakthroughs today.  The first one came when I was getting their breakfasts and, as usual, I gave Strawbs her tablet in a little bit of mince.  She usually takes a bit of convincing, but she took it straight away and didn't move as she ate it.  I decided to push the boundaries and started giving her scratches around her ears, gradually moved down her body and, throwing caution to the winds, and picked her up.  She was terrified of course, but she didn't struggle or try to bite.  So thrilling.  


Second one came just a little while ago.  I'd spent ages in the garden and after coming upstairs when into the study and spent a bit on time on the computer.  I was desperate for a cup of tea, so eventually turned around to leave the room and there was Strawbs in one of the beds (the others always come into the study with me).  How I managed to contain my squeals of delight I don't know, because I didn't want to frighten her.  Well, of course, once she knew I'd seen her, she started to shake, but only got out of the bed when I moved and left the room.  I was hoping she would stay there so I could get the camera, but she has gone off hiding somewhere. 


So quite a day in terms of progress.  I am over the moon. 







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5 hours ago, PeiLuvR said:

Sweet little Strawberry. I hope she continues to come out of her shell and flourish with gentle encouragement. 

I've noticed in the past couple of days that she is spending a lot more time downstairs which seems to me to be an avoidance tactic.  She is almost always downstairs when I get up in the morning.  So I go out on the deck and call her.  If I notice she is just pottering around, I don't make a noise, just so she can enjoy herself.  Once she realises I am up, she does come upstairs.  And she does know her name.  A great bonus is that, providing she has access to the outside, she is housetrained.  


She still runs when I walk towards her which is disappointing (not for me, but I feel for her that she is still scared), but there are definitely small signs of improvement.   

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