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Albert the Pei

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Good luck, LG.  A determined licker is hard to beat LOL.  


As I am sure everyone has experienced at some time in their lives, wounds are strange things in that even when visually healed they can just start itching out of the blue.  A few months ago, I cut my foot quite badly and needed stitches.  Sometimes the itching in the area, no the wound area itself, starts itching so badly, I have to force myself to stop scratching.  

Hopefully once Albert’s wounds have healed, that will be it.  

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Cone finally came off this morning! He's so happy! Lots of running around and getting up to mischief. My sister has started doing some training with him and I think his sight in his right eye is not s good at all. And getting him to sit is not going well either (he just jumps up to see what you are doing with your hands). We will persist and talk to the rescue if it is likely we need a different approach.


Lots of zoomies, drinking out of tubs and rolling in the grass this afternoon!


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While  I took a shower to go on a client visit this arvo he ate my favourite, wear everyday, work shoe. On my bed too. He's playing the 'I used to be very sick you know!' card.


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