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Albert the Pei

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Albert has been on a huge journey over the past month.


He was in a western NSW pound covered in fleas and ticks, blind with untreated entropian. Shar Pei United QLD through Precious Paws rescued him. The fleas and ticks were immediately treated and he was desexed (possibly as part of his council release, I'm not sure). In that first photo you can also see some blood on his face and a tick on his chest.


Due to how severe his entropian was he had surgery for that and was recuperating with a lovely vet tech/nurse from the same surgery. He became ill and tested positive for Coccidia AN Gardia. Then things got even worse for this poor boy and last week he needed major emergency surgery for Intussusception, a condition in which part of the intestine telescopes into itself. He had to be tube fed and has lost a lot of weight. He was finally well enough to leave the vets last Friday and we picked him up Saturday afternoon from the amazing vet tech/nurse. She and her family have dedicated themselves to this beautiful, strong boy.


I never share Go Fund Me's but my rescue group never raises them either and they have spent far and above what they are hoping to raise for his vet care.  They just need a little more if anyone can help? And let's face it - spending that money has saved his life. I'm also attaching a pic of his surgery scar so people can get a sense of what a big surgery it was.







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So we picked the lovely Albert up last Saturday and he was calm the whole trip home. He loves to sniff so we wound the window down for him as we got closer to home. Based on his mapping of our house and yard I don't think his eyesight is great. Apparently he is dog reactive, which is very understandable for a young dog unable to see. He's come home with a bag full of medicines and luckily we were able to get him to eat a couple of small meals. He was actually ravenous on Saturday night but is pretty good about stopping when he has had enough.


He slept through the night in the lounge room. We just let him do whatever he wanted. He's such a happy boy despite everything he has been through.



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Sunday morning we got up early and Albert pooped! His first since the surgery. No discomfort and it looked pretty good. Very happy! While I was sharing the news he got up on my bed to look out the window (there's a ramp at the base of my bed). He's also a fan of a good massage. He's taken an early shine to my sister so was very happy to receive a morning massage.


Eating well again today and some of his puppy personality is coming out already as he's feeling better (he's only just over 12 months the vet thinks). He started dragging pillows and beds around the house and humping. We were watching that episode of Boy Swallows Universe where Teddy's dogs bark ferociously and with his poor eyesight he thought they were outside. Then he kept seeing his reflection in the glass door and he was certain they were out there!


And we have a neighbour and her daughter who visits regularly. Seems Albert likes children - they didn't meet directly, but through the window he was very excited she'd come to visit!


You have to wonder how such a lovely young dog ended up in such a shitty situation. And I am grateful that he didn't get so sick while still in the pound - that would've been the end of him.




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Monday morning and he slept with me the entire night and was so good I didn't even realise he was there! We got up early and a quick wander around the yard and another poo! No discomfort and still looking like a good poo should!


After breakfast it was time for his morning massage of course. He followed that up by trying to steal some clothes and shoes. I guess we are going to be a lot tidier with him around! We decided no training until after his stitches come out and he has the all clear on Friday. We're happy to just see him happy and healing.


He's developed quite the following on the rescue page too and made the top banner this morning! Exciting moment for a foster carer!


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When you've got your appetite back but noone will share their sausage with you!


I don't think that soft cone is going to last much longer. It was brand new last Friday but he constantly pushes the boundaries of it. Looks like the heavier Kong soft cone might have to make an appearance soon.


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Well Mr Alberto Magoober got his tummy stitches out today so no cone! He is so happy! And he was brilliant at the vets too. Long car rides as well but he loves the car so no issues there. He has put on some muscle tone since he was so ill but still needs to get weight back on him. He can eat kibble again and we will do 4 full meals a day rather than 2 full and 2 medium.


We will start training him on some basics tomorrow. To tell you how poor he is on a leash he actually swivelled me in a 360 degrees manner like I was Neo in The Matrix. I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow! Oh and in typical boy fashion he has not stopped  licking himself  since the cone came off so now he is wearing a t-shirt because we don't need any infection in that still healing wound!


Here he is after we got home from the vet to a cone free life!


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The cone had to go back on last night. He ate away all the scabs and just would  not leave it alone. He chewed off the t-shirt too! Getting the cone back on was like a 10 person job but he forgave me enough to spoon last night. If it was easier we'd just take it on and off but yeah, nah. Training will have to wait till next week when it will be safe to take off again. Oh Albert!

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OI! Albert! You need to listen to mummy LG and leave your owwie/itchy bits alone mate...


My foster boy Prince had big knee surgery and has been a good boy not licking or chewing his owwie bits... be a good boy like Prince, OK?



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I've now been relegated to wound inspector and scratcher. He tries so hard to pretzel and get to it still so I try to help where I can. I think the cone will have to stay on till tomorrow night to be on the safe side (we are applying Neocort to help things along) . He's coping fine in it. Normally I'd take off for meal times and when we were directly supervising but getting it back on him when he's in a licking mood requires a battle plan and more soldiers than we've got. The force is strong with this one!

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