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  1. I'm not going to chime in too much, as most of what has been posted has been good advice. I have two Hungarian Vizslas boys and I used to own a Standard Poodle. They're very similar, but the Poodle had a very strong prey drive which could lead to nipping. My boys are perfect for me, and were chosen to be perfect for me, but they require a lot of time and training. Exercise is essential, but you can still have a jerk of a dog if it doesn't feel tired, or doesn't settle on command. A Pointer would be my best suggestion. I hope you get a nice sized, smoochy but confident boy!
  2. I've been hearing more and more (on and off DOL) about what great dogs they're. I hear they're a watch dog. Just how bad can it be? Do Tibbie owners get barking complaints fairly regularly? Is this why they're generally rehomed? Or do they have to be left somewhere, where they're not so exposed to too much stimuli? (i.e, not let outside in the garden). Look forward to hearing more!
  3. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    StephM, What colour and gender are you after? I too have been a FCR admirer for years.
  4. My Beautiful Bonnie 04/06/09~18/04/11

    So sad. Bloat is such a scary thing. Have you thought of painting her?
  5. Rip Skoota

    I'm really sorry to hear this, I enjoyed your Skoota stories. What horrible news.
  6. Breed Prejudice

    I'm not a Terrier fan; I will never say never, but it would be very unlikely that I'd ever go out and buy or adopt one; Same goes for Chow Chows and Shar Peis. Just not my kind of dog.
  7. Scooter - The Papillon

    Congrats Emma, this has been a long time coming. Scooter the Papillon! Love it.
  8. Dog Hates New Neighbours :(

    Can you contain him within the yard, without using a dog run? Sectioning an area where he can be loose but can't get upset by the people and noises he hears from next door? I'd also consider an outdoor radio, to relax him and muffle strange outdoor noises.
  9. How Many Dogs Can Someone Own?

    For me, it's two. I've lived with up to five dogs (fostering and petsitting in my home) and whilst I can manage it and get some pleasure from it, it's not what I want. I don't want to live in a kennel. Two Hungarian Vizslas is plenty!
  10. Still thinking of you, your health, and your dogs. I love your positive attitude. I'm sure you have your bad days, but to 'see' someone go through this and not collapse into a million pieces, well, it's very empowering.
  11. My Newest Addition!

    Jovi is a brilliant name!! LOVE it. I'm so happy for you.
  12. I could help with some advise and input, as I was/am in a similar situation to Michael. I don't want to discuss my health and disabilities on here, but I am well up to date with the work required to train your own guide dog/assistance dog, and the legal ramifications. If you or Michael would like some input, please e-mail me at: [email protected]
  13. Doggy “personalities”

    With both my Vizslas the breeders made the decision for me. Both decisions I've been very happy with. Bonding with them was pretty much immediate as neither were impulsive decisions, and it fact I was involved well before they were even conceived. Even then there were no assurances that I'd get a pup. Especially with my youngest as he had to go through an assessment before I could even consider him mine. No dog is perfect, and some turn out to have quite different drives (or lack there-of) that the breeder couldn't possibly have predicted. Personality wise? Huxley is my HEART. He's my best friend and although he can lose confidence here and there, when push comes to shove he's totally on the ball. Sawyer is my piece of sunshine. He's so laid back and accepting of everything, and just doesn't feel the need to worry. Why worry?! I could just sleep is his motto. I used to own a Std. Poodle. Beautiful dog, fantastic breeder, lots of support etc, and I did early level obedience trialling with her, but as much as I wanted to like her I just couldn't at all. I learnt to professionally groom her so I could save on money and build our bond, but nope. She thought I was nice.. pleasant even, but she just didn't enjoy being with me. A young, spritely dog sighing when I'd call her over for a pat or a treat, that's not normal. So after 6 years I re-homed her to a wonderful older couple that just think she's lovely (and she is, just not for me). So don't expect 'The One' or this great blossoming relationship with a new dog, as like with people some work and some don't. Oh and last thoughts.. if either of my Vs were unsuitable for me, in either my opinion or that of their breeders, I'm sure I wouldn't have got them.
  14. Owning A Dog With Impaired Vision

    how old? breed? current living situation?