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    Loving my daughter(1),horses(9), dogs(4), cats(5), donkey(1) and fish(lots) and other random adopted and rescue souls and just doing each new day as it comes.Green(ish) acres is the place to be - farm living is the life for me..........

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  1. German Shorthaired Pointer

    Hi everyone ! Been a VERY long time since I posted - is it still active at all?
  2. Dogs Found Canberra

    Radio station 104.7 has announced that two large brindle dogs wearing studded collars are at Waniassa Shops in Canberra and have been there for some time. Please contact radio station for more info.
  3. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    That's re home sorry silly autocorrect on the phone
  4. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hello Great Dane people - we are GSP. People and do a bit of rescue and have been approached by someone who needs to urgently regime her dane(says its full bred) Nearly 12 months OL Male Up to date with vacation Undesexed because he's only got one'ball Good with kids,chooks,cats and everything Black with a splash of white on chest Obviously a forever home is what's wanted here and from what I read and knowing my friends Danes -experienced with giant breeds is what's needed - any ideas please contact me
  5. Good Home Available

    I have passed the link on - thanks guys, fingers crossed for the little fella, Ive never heard of such a cross either.
  6. Someone I have known for a number of years and her partner ( who is a vet) tragically lost both their dogs to a brown snake last week and ended up in hospital as well. She has now asked me to keep eyes open for a kelpie x ( pref dauschund ) under 2 yrs , pup is fine and they would prefer to adopt from rescue. They live in Canberra , if you know of any suitable please inbox me or text me on 0459211291
  7. There is a huge 'we have to move' problem in Canberra. It is the nature of the city - people come from all over, and settle into a home and Public Service job - often with Defence and then they are posted elsewhere.SURPRISE!!!! Like that wasnt on the cards !!!!!!!!!! Somehow they thought it was cool, somewhere along the line, to get a pet or a few- you know , for the kids. So lets teach the next generation that pets are disposable when you have to be posted OS for a while. I dont know how to get the message through to people - you dont give up your children, and pets have that same codicil in the deal when you get them. Just dont have them unless you are 100% certain you can keep them come what may for their entire lives. Then rescuers could be working on helping much smaller numbers of genuine situations. Drives me NUTS
  8. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    he must be - stupid me didnt notice he was a X - plus Im too ignorant of the breed to know still if anyone knows of someone wanting a pet this guy has literally no time left to live poor man.
  9. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Link didnt work for me So sorry he is on the blacktown pound thread under Urgent rescues on DOL - I think hes last on page 3?Poor devil has been surrendered.
  10. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hi all Ckcs people and Merry Christmas please go HEREand see this poor guy surrendered to Blacktown pound and on a ticking clock literally - if you know how to help him or can help him please do so immediately....his time has run out NB - you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see him and I think details for contact are on the first page of the OT. If you know who your breed specific rescue is they may be able to help too.
  11. Look forward to lots more photos
  12. Help Needed Urgently

    Oh , hes lovely
  13. Im after any advice from those of you who may have experienced this . George - the wirey little JRT in my signiture- 10 yrs old (maybe 11?)Hes avery active fairly obedient and lives with the rest of our dogs in the house. he has developed an allergy. For the first year to two years of living here he was fine and nothing has changed in his environment or diet. Several months ago he developed a skin complaint - the iching drives him crazy - it is definitely not fleas. he is constantly scratching and biting to a point where he was creating raw patches. This is when the vet said its an allergy and he had a course of antibiotics and antihistamines which worked like a miracle, a month after he finished the course , the scratching returne. Poor little bugger, it really gets him down and you can see depression creeping in.Another course of AH's fixed it again and now they are finished and the scratching is going on again. I will get him more AH's this week but Im just not happy to make him have them for life. I have tried thinking of anything and everything which may cause it but to no avail. Im wondering about a wash/home made skin lotion natural remedy/miracle anyone knows of or suggestions other than the current path were on. please note I cannot afford massive investigative vet work which may or may not work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Oh and none of the other dogs have it.
  14. What Change In Diet Do You Make For Your Seniors?

    A friend of mine swears Hills B/D did wonders for her aging BC. VERY interesting - I definitely keep that in mind
  15. Poor bugger - there are such cruel heartless people all over the world, Im so glad they could help him and by doing that - helped themselves under dreadful circumstances , war is a very difficult place to be for anyone. I would imagine they will be able to raise the funds within the defence forces - I would love to meet Wiley , brave little soul.