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  1. Positioning is important when you have your dog x-rayed for hips and elbows so its best to go to a vet who does this testing all the time as most local vets dont have the experience. Im not sure how much it will cost in NSW but would think around $400 all up.For ataxia you have get a kit from overseas and then take the kit to your vet to do the saliva test.The swabs then go back overseas for testing.Place to go for kit is Antegene.I think you also test heart and thyroid but notsure coz its a few years since I looked into it.An amstaff breeder will probably reply soon and theyll have more up to date info.
  2. Obviously to hard shame coz its such a sensible solution
  3. Where i live a dog can be declared maenacing for just rushing at somebody doesnt matter if the persons walking running, on a bicycle or a skateboard wouldnt matter if the person was going to fast neither.It doesnt have to bite or growl just rushing up to anyone is an offense.
  4. Simple put the crate back in the family room
  5. With respect, I find that a really awful and insulting comment. +1 I was involved in rescue but I wasnt suited to it emotionally and youd definately consider me unrealistic. As far as Im concerned every dog is worthy of effort time and money but unfortunately not all are suitable
  6. short answer, you can't. I purchased a dog last year almost to the day. I did my research in the breed we were interested in. Found someone sort of local who bred these dogs. I visited with them. Met the parents. Saw how the dogs were kept. Went to visit the pups spoke endlessly with the "breeder" very helpful very nice people. Eventually paid our money and took our pup home. Expected papers to arrive in the post. Papers did not arrive. Breeder did not return calls / emails. Pup wasn't a pure bred. Pup had extensive health issues. Pup was heartbreakingly pts earlier this year. Very very few of us "pet" buyers can tell who is and who isn't doing the right thing. Or even who is who they say they are. So was this person registed with the state canine?
  7. I went there today and got 10 pigs ears for $18.00 (today only) but most stuff seemed expensive Black Hawk was $99.98 a bag when you can get it for $90 at the Champion Pet place in Baywater Road.
  8. Pls let us know what happens theres to much of this sort of stuff goes on with people running off and not facing up to there responsibilies
  9. I thought these threads were banned No promotion of cross breeds and/or un-necessary cross breed discussion This site has nothing against cross breeds (most of us have had one at some stage in our life), however we are against the promotion of them as being superior to the purebred dog and people cashing in on the 'designer dog' craze. We also ask that you refrain from unnecessary designer dog discussion. (ie discussion that has no real purpose other than to express dismay at the latest 'cross breed' you saw (or read about)). Sure, we all know they are out there, but we prefer to concentrate on discussing the pure bred dog (ANKC recognised breeds). Also no 'What Breeds are in my Dog' type discussion.
  10. Why did you let him do this? Why not keep him on a leash? Ive lived in the country and theres no way id let one of my dogs go through fences onto other peoples property. A dog can be shot just for being anywhere near stock it doesnt have to kill them. Sorry for the loss of Dougal but you must have known if Ned was allowed to do it the other dog might copy.
  11. Which of the driers do you think would be best for show drying 2 cocker spaniels?
  12. No offense but imo its none of your business if I were you I woundnt say anything
  13. Anyone got one of the Lazor RX dryers or knows what theyre like? Thx
  14. There isnt much meat on necks there nearly all bone why dont you feed half or one wing instead
  15. My dogs are inside and outside dogs they come and go as they want in the day and sleep inside at night.
  16. Probably a silly question but is potato flour ok to use on dark coloured dogs? Yes and not a silly question, that is why we use it on BCs. It is courser than cornflour or chalk and brushes out completely from any coloured coat. I find it cleans but doesn't whiten. If I want to whiten legs at a show I always use chalk. Thanks for that :)
  17. Probably a silly question but is potato flour ok to use on dark coloured dogs?
  18. They could of been stolen for breeding when there older
  19. Your dog is a mixed breed probably from mixed breed parents and mixed breed grandparents I reckon the chances of her being from a saluki are buckleys or none. Sure there might be husky there somewhere but who knows where or when there could be anything. I thought these what breed threads were banned?
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