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  1. See you there Cassie! :D Dallies are the first breed into the ring and judging starts at 9am, so I would be there for the start.
  2. It depends a bit on the group you are in. Group 5 usually has a nice line up of dogs, but its variable. Most groups will have at least a couple of neuters at most shows. If you enjoy showing, and your dog enjoys it, I would get back out there. How important is coat to your breed?
  3. I agree that it can be hard enough for a junior to find a suitable dog, especially if they have won a few times, let alone limit that to neuter dogs only. I don't think being neutered automatically makes a dog suitable for handlers, there are plenty that aren't. My Aussie bitch's backup handler (when I am in ring 2) is a 9 year old who has been handling for approximately 6 months. He has taken out BOBs, classes in group and even a Runner up Best in Group with her. She is a relatively easy dog to show, and is a regular in junior comps. She is certainly more suited than our neuter bitch! The junior is also a very talented junior, who handles some difficult dogs in other breeds, including several difficult terriers and does a fantastic job. I would hate for him to be limited to neutered animals only, he would get bored quickly as there just aren't many out there for him to handle. What a lovely team they make too! Who wants to tell this kid he can't show his Holly-Dog anymore? :p I hate seeing kids in the ring with dogs they are not equipped to handle, it does nothing for the dog or the child, however its not something I have seen very often. There are quite a few young (>10years) handlers here in SA at the moment, showing dogs in both breed and handler comps and are doing fantastic jobs with SUITABLE dogs. It should be common sense. I don't think putting another rule, which will only make it harder, in is going to do anything for keeping the juniors involved.
  4. A friend, be that my Mum or one of a few wonderful people, I don't know what a show would be without their support and company. Biker girl that sounds YUM! And I am in Adelaide! Which ring...? :p
  5. $45 and results back in a few hours here.
  6. LP's Kinta is a black tri! :) Such a pretty girl!
  7. Depends on the breed. In Aussies I just adore red merles. In a line up of them I am always drawn to look at the red merle first. Funny because I suspset Holly will be my last red merle for some time! I think all four base colours are gorgeous in Aussies though. I think deep, true blacks with bright whites would be my second favourite. I would love a black bi colour Aussie one day, but that's unlikely. In the Irish Terriers I love the deep rich reds without a hint of black shading at all, with dark eyes and pigment. I hate the black shading that is creeping into some Irish coats. In Lappies I have always loved the creams but I am being converted to the darkies thanks to Finnesse's two stunning dark lappies. I love red and white Bull Terriers, black tri or black bi Shelties and blue merle and black tri Collie Roughs and Smooths.
  8. Surely there couldn't be another lot? I hope not, but trying to remember what he said I think he said they were advertised as Aussie's crossed with something. I'll have to ask him next time I see him.. There are some so called 'breeders' of Aussies that sell to pet shops in SA, so it could well have been a different lot too, unfortunately. I have seen an "Aussie Shepherd cross" adult who looked more like a Border Terrier cross a Kelpie. It seems like a nice name to give medium sized non-bull breed muttlies!
  9. We are pretty proud of Miss Rosie for the year she has had. She has numerous class in groups and multiple class in shows, as well as consistantly making the group shortlist from the minor class. She picked up a RUBIG at a recent sanction show. She's not yet 9 months old and top Irish Terrier rising star in Australia, and number 5 Terrier rising star in SA.
  10. Some great males dogs I know are called Gamble, Striker, Suede and Hades. Hades is a Chi. :laugh:
  11. Years. Our next dog will either be a pup from Rosie (who is only 8 months old herself) or another Aussie. I already have where from and roughly when I will get the Aussie, although plans of course can change. None of our current dogs have really been to plan except Ruby. You never know what is around the corner, but I think it is important to have plans and goals, especially with breeding and showing.
  12. I am jumping at every noise tonight after listening to it, and with the wind there is a lot of noise! I want to listen again and see if I can hear the whispering but I'm not game. I will tomorrow! Please don't take it down! Thank god the little ones are ok, they must have been terrified. Hopefully it was just a dumbarse fooling around and will be the only incident.
  13. So pleased to see Cherry gos BISS. What an emotional day for everyone involved with Topspott Kennels. Certainly brought a tear to my eye.
  14. Do you have any friends who know you run it, and would try and scare you?
  15. Thinking of Jed. Come on dude, you can do it.
  16. I am so glad I learnt to show my own dogs, I love it now! So worth the effort of learning. I know it can be a bit daunting to start off with, but everyone starts somewhere! Good luck with your little cutie. :)
  17. I THINK I would, I can't say I definately would as I might feel differently when they have passed. I have seen several PMs on pets and it is always done with respect. My own education has relied greatly on the use of donated pets. So I would like to say I would donate, if there is something that could be gained from it, especially coming from a breeder's point of view should something serious occur in one of my purebreds I think it is important.
  18. My dogs are either inside or crated when no one is home, however that isn't very often (about a half a day one or two times a week). Should there be no one home more often, then we would reconsider this arrangement. Our dogs used to be outside when we weren't home, however after one was shot by a neighbour (while in our backyard), one was an escape artist and one was bitten by a snake, it is safer if they are inside when we aren't home. I would rather come home to safe, healthy dogs. The youngest and least trustworthy one gets the laundry, which is the size of a small run. The trustworthy, older dogs get the run of the hallway/bathroom/my bedroom and the teenager who's still not 100% trustworthy gets her crate with a bustacube in it to keep her entertained.
  19. Fox Terriers, I love their completely terrierness. Bull Terriers because they are just down right awesome (and there is always a chance you will get a laugh due to behaviour). Whippets and Salukis, I love the way they move and how dignified they look. Some Shelties are just fantastic to watch.
  20. Sayly


    Yay for healthy, gorgeous babies. :) I thought 6.
  21. 5 works for us at the moment, in our situation. One is with me, wherever I am and I'm not home except on weekends, so usually its 4 at home. They are a good mix, however we have two under a year of age which makes the trouble double. :laugh: I think it comes down to the dogs too. I could easily have ten Holly's, however one Pandora is more than enough. :laugh:
  22. I would check them out, or get someone to do it for you, if possible, pictures can hide a lot. Toledos have a good name and are often available 2nd hand, and seem have good lifespans. Our next one will be a Toledo.
  23. Sayly


    I've never seen a pregnant bitch sedated for x-rays. Yes, ultrasound is the best way to check if pups are alive, however it is not as accurate for numbers, especially late in gestation.
  24. A girl called Bianca was 2nd in juniors and Ozzet Osbourne was 3rd. Ozzet has only been handling for a little while and did an AWESOME job!! Not sure on 2nd in seniours, Laura Pemberton was 3rd. :) They all looked awesome, loved watching them work with their dogs. :)
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