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  1. I've tried not replying too but can't help myself. The whole issue with this thread isn't the debate about desexed or entire animals at all. The real issue is that we're dealing with HUMANS from the educated and responsible to the bogans and irresponsible etc. After all is said and done, there will always be irresponsible morons owning dogs and I for one don't see the problem in forcing these idiots to have their dogs desexed. Example. I had to assist in the desexing of an early pregnancy young bitch (first season SBT) because the owners thought it was fine to leave her in the backyard with their entire male because "he KNOWS not to mate with her". Yep. These are totally the owners who you can educate about careful management of entire dogs and have them listen. Not
  2. The problem I find with any commercially made coats is their lack of sizing options. They're all made for "rounder" body types so I always struggled finding a decent fit for my boy Zeus. He's quite long in body but built like a whippet shape and in order to get the body length right, I need to go up in coat size, which means the coat ends up being too big around the middle. That's why I really liked the idea of the WeatherBeeta because they have adjustable belly straps but like so many others have commented already, I've found them to be quite stiff, bulky and just uncomfortable looking. I eventually ended up buying some fleece ones from Pet Barn and stitching extra Velcro on the belly strap so I could get a nice snug fit. He loves it during winter; I say "where's your warms?" and he stands ready to have the coat put on.
  3. I was lucky enough to spend an entire day at the Sydney Royal with 2 GBGV and their awesome owner. It amused me because I spent most of the day talking about his dogs to the public than my own -- I had to Google their name many times because I kept forgetting and the public kept asking me about them. Stunning dogs!! Autumn is just absolutely gorgeous and waaaaaay to cute!! I agree with ignoring Pers and post a bucketload more photos please!!! :D
  4. If you have her microchip number on hand too you could contact Dogs NSW and see if she's recorded. She's very lovely and lucky you found her!!
  5. Is that beautiful girl your daughter? No, I don't have any children. That is Ebony. she is gorgeous isn't she and also an incredible girl. she is one of my puppy people. Not long in the dog world, but trains her current whippet daily and is now instructing at her club. We've become quite close friends over the past almost 12 months, she's even been away showing with me. I have enjoyed including her in much of the whole breeding/puppy process and she appreciates it very much. That's FANTASTIC!! There need to be more awesome dog people like you in the world! Anyone who encourages others who show interest in the dog world is amazing in my book!!
  6. They are just absolutely darling Starkehre!! You should be so super proud of them; Seven is an awesome mum!!!
  7. I have seen it several times and heard of more. There was a whole breed non awarded at Sydney Royal just gone. Happens more then you think. Really? Which one? I think I heard it happened to the Min Pins and I know in my breed -- this was my very first Royal as a competitor -- my boy was awarded Puppy in Breed but when it came time for the Dog Challenge, all of us were nil awarded and one of the boys is a champion uk import. The bitch won BOB.
  8. That's awesome Rebanne!!! Congrats to you, Warrior and Phoebe!! If you had a change to see any of the ESS you might've seen my friend's neuter win Best Neuter in Show at the ESS Specialty.
  9. Does "being a turd" count as a superpower? :laugh:
  10. Seven looks like a great mum!!! Such gorgeous babies there too Have you got a favourite or pick of the litter yet? ;)
  11. Also, I know you said you don't care about papers, but a dog/pup's pedigree is what ensures the dog is in fact pure bred. If I was buying a bull breed, I'd most definitely want the paperwork in case one day BSL becomes Australia wide. I'd have proof then that my dog has no APBT in it.
  12. Glad to hear the birth went well. Can't wait for a rottie pup photo post explosion!!
  13. Hahahaha!! I thought the same until a few posts down when a very vague recollection of the Delete product hit me!!
  14. There are two sides to this. Yes, I agree that vaccinating every three years is now the accepted standard, however, we are savvy, in the know dog owners. I think about the poor dogs who don't get to see vets on a regular basis and the only reason they do go is because their owners have been sent an annual vaccination reminder. Think of the chances for survival if a dog develops cancer but because there are no obvious symptoms, the owner doesn't take the dog for a check-up. Fast forward three years later to when the vax is due and by the time the cancer is detected, it's too late for the dog. I just get a laugh that my dogs are the addressee then just don't make an appointment.
  15. I've been wanting to ask about Danes in the show ring actually. I've been watching a few being stacked and the handlers grab the ears and hold them (almost looks like pulling) upright -- I'm assuming this is to mimic the cropped look. Does anyone here know why this is? Natural ears are folded down aren't they so shouldn't they be shown in their natural way, not pulled upright? The photo on the right looks nothing like a Dane to me and if this is the new Euro standard, then I feel bad for the breed. Danes are a breed I've always admired and the photo on the left is what I've always pictured a Dane to look like; gorgeous, well-muscled but not too heavy-set dogs (just without the cropped ears!).
  16. If he's the same guy who has a stall each year at the Illawarra Million Paws Walk, I'd steer well clear. The MPW Bark Busters guy heavily promotes the use of squirting water bottles for bad behaviour and this method is so outdated it's not funny. I've been tempted too many times to take my own spray bottle and turn it on him. What toiletting issues are you having with your pup? Maybe some of the more experienced DOLers can offer suggestions to help you out. If the problem is that your pup still isn't toilet trained, it's more than likely that your girl doesn't know where she's allowed to go (or that you're just not taking her outside to toilet enough).
  17. Showdog if noobie is in NSW like the profile suggests, the sale of a puppy less than 8 weeks old and non-microchipped/vaccinated is illegal. The seller of the pups should actually be reported.
  18. I'm only fairly new to the trialling scene but I love it because it's fun!! It's also fantastic spending the day with likeminded people who shared in my love of dogs -- I could literally spend forever talking to other agility people. The seasoned competitors are a wealth of knowledge and helpfulness and I just love talking about dogs and meeting all the different breeds. I've also started conformation showing this year and it's just awesome seeing other dogs of my breeds, talking to other owners of my breeds and just learning about the many breeds that are out there. My last show I learned a bucketload about Afghans because I did nothing but congratulate an owner who'd just won a major award. I love congratulating everyone and making new aquaintences. The dog world can just be an amazing and awesome thing to be a part of!! Edit: meeting DOLers through competing has been awesome too. Meeting Kavik and Huski have been highlights!!
  19. I've just had my now 5 month old Norwich pup go through a sedative to have his tear ducts flushed. Both his were blocked and my vet said it can be quite common in small breed dogs due to their tear ducts being naturally smaller. His started with yellowish green discharge, which then became black crusties twice daily under his eyes. Since having the tear ducts flushed his eyes have been nice and clean. Checking for blockages is quite easy -- a fluourosine dye is put into the eyes and then a black light to see if it flows out the nose.
  20. Oh jeanka I am so sorry to read this sad update Run free sweet Nora and I know she thanks you for making her last few days special. Take care of yourself jeanka; you did the absolute best! :hug:
  21. I'm so glad to read the news of your puppy; here's hoping for a lot more time for you!! Definitely agree though that wen the time for a new dog comes, the length of time is entirely personal. Perfect example I give of how different it is is my bestie and I. I waited 2 years after my Poochie left us whilst my bestie was driving her dog to the pet crematory place and picked up her new pup on the way with the body of her old dog on ice in the boot. At the time I didn't understand but we are all so very different!
  22. Well she's definitely got the obedience down pat! Do you like the what I call less strict Rally-O or do you like the more formal, traditional obedience? With my new little dude I'm thinking of trying out RO because I like the idea I can talk to my dog; saying nothing seems soooooooo weird to me!! :laugh: I love talking to different people about dog sports because I love just how different everyone is! I'm personally hooked on agility and can't believe it took me so long to get involved -- I can't imagine my life without it now. The only thing I pine for are the gorgeous indoor arenas like the USA are lucky enough to have!!
  23. Gosh she's grown up to look like Wiz so much!! Are you planning on competing in any dog sports with her? She'd make such an awesome agility dog and there aren't many Mals who do agility, which is a shame.
  24. Mon I can understand why you spent time with the dog; you were hanging around most likely for the owner to turn up. I've done exactly the same thing when a little white fluffy dog I nicknamed Peanut decided he liked Kirah when we were out for a walk and started following us down the road. I turned around and kept walking up and down the street in hopes someone would come out the front of their house and take him as he had no collar. No such thing happened so I turned and headed home -- it was around 7:30pm by this stage. Peanut continued to follow so I walked home at his snail pace to make sure he crossed roads safely. I opened my side gate and he toodled on in like he lived there. There was nothing else I could do because he just followed us home. Luckily the local vet I dropped him off at knew who he was and called the owners for me the next morning. Sonetimes you do just hang around hoping for the owners to show up!!
  25. Zeus tilts his head towards my car speakers when Whistle (Flo Rida?) comes on. He tries to work out where the whistling is coming from!! :laugh:
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