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    So sorry Huga
  2. Just a heads up for people that didn't know (i didn't ) Google search does pick up photos off Dol. I had a little surprise yesterday when a friend pointed out that someone was using a photo i posted here for Australia Day promotion. I wasn't concerned about mine but i know some people dont want their photos shared without being told. Cheers
  3. Thanks for that guys, so currently there is only the 4?
  4. Hi all google is not being my friend on this so I need a hand. I need to know which breeds in the working dogs group are developed here? I know there is kelpie and cattle dog but my brain is just not giving me any others. Thanks in advance :)
  5. I ( most of the time) love it but vets and kennels tend to hate the Stafford song.
  6. I have a 3x3 and it fits from the back of the front passenger seat to the back door of my pajero
  7. Dreamoz aussie's makes them. www.facebook.com/dreamoz.shepherds?fref=ts
  8. Aww so sweet Happy Gotcha day gorgeous man :D
  9. I use the sand paper drum over the stone it seems to be quicker on my dogs nails, try both and see which works best for you.
  10. If you consider a SBT please contact one of our forum breeders for advice looking for a breeder. Unfortunately there are dodgy people breeding even under ankc prefixes. Sandra777 (SBT breeder) SoL (SBT Breeder) WreckitWhippet ( did Breed SBT and Whippet's)
  11. Every dog beach here is a horse beach also it never occurred to me that it was different elsewhere :laugh: only time we had an issue was when the pony club turned up and the parents made camp right at the entrance we had to get up close and personal to get on and off the beach.
  12. You did great Well Done. Your accent was thicker then Monday maybe nervousness brings it out or the type audio recording :D
  13. You can start showing an older dog it doesn't make any difference however getting them out young does help with training and socialization. you don't start earning points until 6mths.
  14. Brilliant post Sandra !! Best explanation I've seen on here yet. Troy could you add that to Stafford 101 pleas so it dosent get lost in general
  15. Thanks all, Will check them all out. Sandra, yeah I know I'm just tossing around ideas for if I can go back to work after the op.
  16. Hi all looking for recommendations for dog runs. It will need to be able to be able to pulled apart to move house as we are in the defence forces. Does not need to be for DD however we have Staffords and they can chew when they want to so good quality is a must. Doesn't have to have a roof we can add that but if it does that's a bonus. TIA
  17. On second thought I may be able to kidnap an Aussie shepherd to bring along as well
  18. Bugger I wouldn't be able to get there until 5 or 5:30 after school finishes I don't know time sunset is in sept is, if you don't find any one closer to time I'll see if I can get a sitter for the human ones too :)
  19. I could do Monday school hours with the red Stafford if you get stuck, she is reasonably ok trained :laugh:
  20. We have kenneled when absolutely have to but 99% of the time use a house sitter if the dog cant come with us. check out dog friendly accommodation though there is so much more out there then there used to be, also iv found our outings have changed as the dogs came into our lives we found we went bush walking and beaching more then hitting the city
  21. the wolfs den, if she doesn't have one that fits she will make it to his size :) http://thewolfsden.com.au/product-category/dog-coat-rug/
  22. I like this one best from accident POV has a very good crash test rating http://thewolfsden.com.au/shop/bergan-auto-harness/
  23. Im so sorry kirty, i know how it feels not to get the last play food and things in its heart breaking RIP Maisie
  24. Very similar to a Snood that a friend uses for her poodle and Gordon Setter http://www.wigglewaggledesigns.com.au/#!what-is-a-snood/c12dk
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