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  1. My girl drops hers and then checks to see if anything has come out. We taught her kong by loosely stuffing it and then slowly switched over to using peanut butter,
  2. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who did that. I never got the 'collar training' stuff. Just stick it on and they'll get over it.
  3. Hi PandaGirl thanks for your reply but sorry I couldn't find that on their webpage? It's under the 'services' menu, sort of mixed in with everything else and easy to miss!
  4. When I take my Daisy out walking and we pass people, she gets told to 'mind her own business' or 'they don't want to play with you' if she starts to head towards if she looks like she's about to try to say hello. She also knows she has to sit and be calm when joggers/bikers/prams/other dogs go past. I find it really does help with people who are worried about her.
  5. OMG, that made me physically sick, maybe add a warning please? Poor babies, so heartbreaking.
  6. My girl lets our littlest cat bite her. And she gets bitten really hard! I often find little sores from where blood has been drawn. And she just lets her do it. I do stop it if I see it though.
  7. I agree completely. In fact I think abnormally sociable dogs can and do contribute to dog aggression problems in other dogs. They have poor social skills and lack boundaries or respect for personal space. I don't know how many dogs I've seen not back off when asked politely so the usually polite dog suddenly learns to become impolite, which leads to all sorts of problems if not handled with consideration. Oh dear, I think Sophie is one of those "friendly" dogs. I do try and keep her calm and with me but at 19months she's pretty much still a puppy and just wants to play play play. I do tend to hold her collar until i've asked other owners if i'm fine to let them play together before i let her go bouncing with other dogs - but that's only at leash free parks and I guess i've always figured people taking their dogs to a leash free park with a heap of other dogs are expecting them to be playing and running round like loonies. I take my girl to a leash free park so that she can run, not so she can be rushed by a million out of control dogs. So we only go during the say on weekdays or when it's raining because there's nobody there.
  8. So much better, not red or inflamed or itchy!
  9. At least she didn't just stick him in the backyard and ignore him.
  10. I have oily hair and his fur is definitely waxy, it's a kind of tacky but not wet feeling, hard to explain. He's lost weight purposely. He's been so overweight for many years now and he's lost about 5+ kilos since Easter. My girl lost weight when she was sick in November and has a distinct 'camp dog' look about her now. Can dogs be allergic to ticks? We're not in a paralysis tick area, but we're having huge issues with the little 'crab' ticks at the moment.
  11. Glad to hear the poor lil fellow had a bit of an easier night with the itching. It meant we all got some sleep!
  12. She's settled down fairly well, we've been keeping really on top of her behaviour and how she interacts with the animals around her. Any signs of that stiffness or alertness that comes before a row and she gets a distraction which really helps. Can't get the weight back on her though. She's probably not under weight, but her ribs and hips stick out so much it's a little bit sad Got some ACV today and added some to their water and some on his sore bits, but my girl loves the taste and keeps licking it off! After putting Aloe on it last night we had our first itch free night in weeks and it wasn't as nearly red this morning! It probably is a flea allergy, will give him a flea bath today now that he's not got open sores.
  13. Couldn't find any fleas, but it's really hard in that much fur! Is there something I can use to make a makeshift E-collar? They ate ours when my girl got desexed. I'm guessing washing him in flea stuff isn't the best idea while he's got weepy wounds.
  14. It's something that we've always had happen, but because he could never reach the spots because he was a fatty it was never this bad. He's our true mystery dog!
  15. He's on a raw/dry diet, currently in the process of finding a kibble that suits them both, they're on Royal Canin at the moment but I suspect he's got a wheat allergy but I'm not sure what kibble is wheat free. I thought about combing some baby powder through his fur to dry it out?
  16. My Heeler X boy has recently started chewing the base of his tail. It's something he's always done, but now that he's lost a ton of weight he can actually reach better now and is starting to do some damage. The vet isn't sure what's irritating him, but I wonder if it's his fur? He's got really thick waxy fur where he's got red fur and it never dries. Can that cause irritation? This is what he's done recently, I gave him his last cortisone tablet, and can't get any more until the vet opens next week. I combed him today and got tons of fur out of this thick area, so I'm wondering if maybe clipping him will help? What can I put on him to help with the irritaion and sores? He's a bit pussy and bleedy
  17. Rose petals... when I deadhead my roses we do a little training with the petals and she just loves them.
  18. Yes and no Waiting to hear from Dr Cutter but our old dog seems to have given top dog status to Daisy. He's letting her through doors first and will stop drinking from the water bowl if she comes past. Also my parents finally agreed to tether the dogs separately in the lounge during meals and other high stress times.
  19. Thanks a heap, they're near-by. Will call ASAP!
  20. Will ring them or go and see them to see if they'll give me the results, just add any costs to my bill!
  21. SNT, I'm in Darwin, well, Palmerston, but I use a rural vet. How do I go about finding a more modern vet? Nobody I know uses a regular vet, just whoever is cheapest at the time. I guess I need to make some phone calls. Erny, I've mentioned the aggression and how it started on that day every time I've had her there since it happened. It's even written on her file now *shrugs* I just figured I was overreacting about it because that's what everyone around said.
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