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    Vale Dante

    Oh Sas I am so very very sorry to hear about your boy ....
  2. Brunker Rd is a brilliant vet clinic, we see Paul but have seen Simon before and im pretty sure he does specialise in Ortho work ... It used to say on the website which vet has interests or specialises in which area ..
  3. couldn't agree more teach your kid to respect the dog a lot more, she is a living creature not a pillow. Agree with this!
  4. oh thankgoodness! what great news to read
  5. Deerhound Saluki Pharoah Hound Borzoi Irish Wolfhound (basically I love the look of the hounds but gundogs are where my heart lies)
  6. Are you seriously annoyed at them hanging washing on their balcony?
  7. My dogs eat a chicken frame each most nights of the week,
  8. Fenced dog parks arent very common in NSW, ive only seen them in Sydney, id buy a long lead if I was you
  9. I thought he might have been named after St Artemas ..... But yes Artemis (or Diana) aka the Goddess of the Hunt is definately female im surprised that you had input into your dogs registered name, both breeders of my boys chose their names (I just consider it falls under breeders rights lol ... They did all the work, they get to choose) and their registered names played no part in the names we gave them Oh and the same for our cat too
  10. Archibald (Klausenkesh Aragorns Quest) Archie at 8 weeks Archie now at 2yrs on the right Morty & Archie together from this to this (from the 2011 GSP Calender)
  11. Mortimer (Fenrik Chequer Board) Morty at 8 weeks, first night at home at 12 weeks - being a gundog is not always instant water love! Morty now at 3.5yrs (in front)
  12. The more American bloodlines seem to have more white on them - quite a bright flashy white, and often with the stripe down the middle of the face .... they seem very popular at the moment in GSP's Personally I prefer solid coloured heads and the solid browns in body (we used to be able to call them liver but now they are brown) or brown and white (with only small amounts of white)I have a solid brown boy (Archie) and a brown and white boy (Morty) .. I'd like to add a solid black or black/white to the family in the future ....
  13. are there 2 different litters of pups there Huga or is it just the angle of the camera? that 3rd last photo especially? I've been "squeeing" over these photos on your fb wall, they are just so adorable!
  14. Morty was only about 5mths old when I ducked into the lane to bring the garbage bin back in - little bugger slipped out the gate behind me and went running down the lane... I chased him calling him, hes a puppy so completely ignoring me just loving the opportunity to run run run! unfortunatly what I realise it that he is running with a pair of my undies in his mouth (I had been getting the washing off the line before bringing in the bin) flapping about in the breeze Next thing he disappears into a neighbours back yard through their open gate, I get there to find him sitting on the ground giving a pair of my undies to my neighbour who was laughing so very loudly giving Morty lots and lots of pats I bundled the monster up, took the undies back and fled back to my house, I could hear the neighbour laughing all the way on my way back .... little sh%t that he was!
  15. Two GSP boys here, thinking of maybe adding an ESS to the crew in a couple of years though .... Or another GSP
  16. thanks guys, they do enjoy their beach runs and with the dog beach 10 minutes from home we try to get there as often as we can
  17. We took the boys to the local dog beach for a run yesterday morning, it was a lovely morning and there were only a couple of other dogs on the beach so our two had plenty of room to run about and swim Archie to the left, Morty to the right - heading into the water to retrieve a toy Playing with my OH on the beach, thats Morty at the front with Archie behind the OH Archie to the left, Morty to the right Morty to the left, Archie to the right Morty to the front, Archie at the back - waiting for the toy to be thrown into the water Archie to the left, Morty to the right - Morty is always the first into the water and swimming out to get to the toy, Archie prefers to run in and wait till Morty does all the hard work and then tries to take the toy once its back on the beach ...
  18. same with my two boys neither hump anything or engage in excessive marking when out in the community ..
  19. I can smell one of my boys but thats cause he always pees on his front foot lol but they smell no different to a female to me, and that goes for when they were entire adults
  20. Looks like a knowledge bump to me, my oldest boy has a large one quite pointed too you can see his in my profile pic and in the pics below ... The younger one has a smaller bump ... Im not great with regular pointers (mine are GSP's) so maybe head to the pointees thread and ask there just to double check its not something else though
  21. We have done the same thing before trying the prong, we tested the prong on ourselves before ever fitting it to Morty and neither of us were in any pain from our test on ourselves - it was also done under the supervision and guidence of a trainer and we would do it again in a heartbeat ...
  22. Hi, Our oldest GSP did his puppy school at Hamilton Vet Clinic and the younger one at Adamstown Vet Clinic. Both were good classes, structured, not a free for all.... We swapped Vets just before we bought Archie home thats why we went to two different courses. Adamstown Vets are brilliant, absolutly brilliant if you are looking for a vet
  23. Cameron Whittiker is wonderful, he treated my pup for an large iris melanoma last year, saved his eye and he still even has some vision In that eye. I can highly recommend him
  24. x2 got to love the creativity and skill of Dolers! If you have access to the off topic area go and see Huga's thread there, her collars are brilliant and always unique
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