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  1. You didn't choose your baby. Unless you went to an overseas orphanage to select a baby, or through the black market baby trade, you got whatever baby came out of your body and you will love it regardless of any faults it may have. Even if it has some pretty bad faults. Hormones can make you do that. You have no choice. Not necessarily. There are many mothers who choose not to love their babies. Some give them up, some just can not bond with them, others abuse them. I have chosen to love my baby. I may not always like him (especially when he poops on me) but I still love him
  2. To me love being blind is about what we choose to love. I love my husband, son, family and dogs. However I wouldn't expect you or anyone else to love what I do.
  3. I'm not asking you to respect Me because I had a baby. I'm saying that suggesting the love a parent feels for their baby being hormonal is disrespectful. Is the love you feel for your partner hormonal?
  4. The love I feel for my son is not "hormonal". Yes he's a baby, he spews, poops and dribbles. He's messy and when he has a dirty nappy stinks. The love I feel for him is not "in my head" either. It is genuine and real. Saying that loving a baby is hormonal is extremely disrespectful to parents. I would never suggest the same about anyone else or their animals. Everyone is different, some prefer animals over humans. So be it, it's their choice
  5. My neighbour has a small dog called Buddy which lives outside in her courtyard. The dog has shelter, food and water. The only time the dog see's it's owner is when he's fed, when the neighbour goes to her bin or when the neighbour is telling Buddy to shut up. As a result Buddy cries, whines and barks constantly. I live in a unit complex so I hear the dog all the time and even with all the doors and windows closed I can still hear him. I have approached my neighbour who told me to go F myself, charming. What can I do about the situation? The constant crying is starting to send me batty
  6. If someone willingly choose to save their dog before my child I would be beyond disbelief and despair. As much as I love my dogs, humans take the priority. I can not believe that anyone could be as heartless as to make such a decision
  7. I have a cocker spaniel and a beagle, they are similar in height but my cocker is only 9kg and the beagle is 20kg (she's on a diet). They have what we call frisky time. Every night they go mental. Running round the yard like headless chooks. More often than not my cocker is on her back with the beagle pulling her ear or her leg. When they were pups the beagle would always go too far with the play and I would intervene. But one day out of the blue the cocker told the beagle to back off, the beagle then came and hid under my legs while my cocker tried desperately to start play back up again. Since that day the beagle knows when to stop. It took a while for them to sort it out but they got there. If you were to come to my house you would presume the beagle is boss but that's not true. My silly, happy go lucky cocker is the ruler of the roost. She lets the beagle have her way until a certain point, then she does a back off growl and my beagle comes to me for cuddles because she got told off! Lol. It's amazing to watch the chemistry between my two girls. I would maybe seek advice from a different trainer. Take a video as suggested. Your trainers idea of letting Bear work it out with strange dogs at a dog park is disastrous and down right dangerous. I would contact Cosmolo on here if I were you
  8. My cocker hardly drinks anything all day but each night she has a massive drink of water. It's huge!!!! Is this normal? Is there something I should be looking for? My beagle is eating my cockers poo. They are both fed a barf diet, exactly the same. Meat, veg, oils, vitamins and bones. What is she missing to make her want to eat poo?
  9. Thanks everyone. My neighbour and I both have young babies do I might see if she wants go for a walk with the babies and try and casually bring it up.
  10. My new neighbour has a dog named Buddy. I've met him a few times and he seems like a happy little dog, very friendly. My neighbour has started putting Buddy outside to sleep of a night time. He has a kennel and a warm bed but he's obviously not used to being outside as he cries and barks. He's been getting slowly better though. Tonight my neighbour has her boyfriend over, Buddy was outside barking and from my kitchen I heard the boyfriend go outside yell "shut the f up" and then I heard Buddy yelp. Actually it was more like a scream. Ordinarily I would stick my nose in and go off but the boyfriend scares me and I have a baby and 2 dogs of my own to consider. How can I approach my neighbour about the situation without putting my family in harms way? Or should I stay out of it? I can't be sure that the boyfriend did anything to Buddy as I didn't see it, I just heard the event. So I am assuming he purposely hurt the dog. Would you do anything?
  11. What I love about my cocker Jesie: She is gorgeous She always has a waggy tail She's been grumpy 5 times in her 4 years of life She runs like the wind when she off lead She loves water and watching her splash about is awesome She never snatches food and is super gentle She delights in meeting new people and dog She is the energizer bunny She loves to spoon with me when OH has gone to work She adores my son, if he is crying in his cradle she whimpers at the gate until I pick him up and console him What I love about my beagle x, JoJo: She's lazy, lol She loves cuddles more than anything in the world When she dreams she wags her tail She is my protector She'll do anything for food She cleans up the baby spew off the tiles, ewwwww She loves my Son She gets under my doona and wraps around my feet She is a total lump but gets on my lap for cuddles anyway And I love them both for getting me through a bad break up and then accepting my husband and our baby
  12. I know you said she's stubborn but please try and talk her out of it. My son is 2 months old and it's been hard work (although also very rewarding). Trying to look after 2 babies will be extremely hard, add a puppy into that equation and it's a recipe for disaster. I have 2 dogs that aren't puppies and some days it's a real struggle to find time to spend with them. They used to get walked daily but now only go for a walk on weekends when my husband is home to do it. Personally I think a new puppy with twins coming is a bad idea
  13. Thanks. It only makes matters worse when we live in a unit so escaping to another room means you can still smell it. Add to that a baby with reflux and my day has been great! Spew all over the house, spew all over the baby and spew all over me! Fun times!! Lol
  14. Thanks guys. The evil beagle broke through a child proof lock and are a entire packet of dried prunes and apricots. $117 at the vets and the new carpet looks horrid
  15. Ok how do I get a dog spew stain out of my carpet and also the smell?
  16. All breeds have good and bad temperament dogs. Cockers used to have a very bad rap sone years ago due to irresponsible breeding however this seems to have been bred out now. Sandgrubber I'm not sure why you are so against cockers, is there a reason?
  17. RIP gorgeous Jake. Hugs and kisses to you Jenni
  18. Both of mine have zoomie time twice a day and they are 3 and 4! It's hilarious coz they stir each other up and their tails are wagging the entire time! I love zoomie time
  19. Akita: Kyojin American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max Australian Shepherd: Banjo Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael): Fleming, Ivy Border Collie: Roy, Molly Bull Terrier: Bonnerville Cane Corso: Ali Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Bree, Ingrid, Jersey, Lacey, Fern Chihuahua: Chelsea and Pansy, Heidi, Bertie, Moose Dally:Appollo Finnish Lapphund: Halo, Vienna, Jaana English Cocker Spaniel: Jesie English Setter: Spartan, James German Coolie: FlashBazil, Latte German Shepherd: Java, Odin, Tlaloc Golden Retriever: Onslow, Matilda-Rose, Chester Great Dane: Sparkles Griffon Bruxellois: Mocha Labrador Retriever: Lestat, Bailey, Tia, Mieka Papillon: Blaze, Minka, Portia, Tyson, Coco Pointer : Kite Audrey Poppin konrad, [english] Badger Pug: Lotus Rottweiler: Roxy, Feonix, Radar, Neo, Abby Samoyed: Mistral, Alchemy, Yngvie, Dante, Bundy, Kamikaze, Fergus, Kato Siberian Husky: Akira, Tikaani Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Kiara SWF: Zoe Rescue Bitsa: Keely, Fred and Ginger,Ozzie, Tess (Wolfie X) White Swiss Shepherd: Rakim Weimaraner: Ariane, Lulu, Louie West Highland White Terrier: Penny, Mac, Daisy
  20. If people ask what she is I would say 2 parts Beautiful mixed with 1 part Gorgeous! She is devine! Love how she is puffing her chest out, she looks so proud and regal
  21. When we lost our family dog I swore I would never have another dog. I just didn't cope with losing my gorgeous Sally. 3 years later I gave in to OH and we got two kittens. Two years later I was ready for a dog and I got my cocker Jesie. She's one of the best things that has ever happened to me but I'm glad I waited. Soon aferwards I got my beagle Jodie. I think I needed that gap in between though.
  22. I had the dogs (both girls) before I got hubby. However my cocker spaniel decided she was hubby's dog the day after they met. The first time they met Jesie (cocker) spent the entire night barking at him from a distance, hubby completely ignored her. The next time they met she ran up to him and jumped into his arms. She's been his ever since
  23. Chasing my beagle when she was a puppy up the hallway as she had stolen my knickers. Just then the cat went between my legs as i was running and he was followed by my cocker spaniel. My legs went into different directions and I ended up on crutches for 3 weeks. Best part is I was in the nude when this happened as I'd just gotten out the shower and I fell spread eagled in front of the lounge room window with the curtains open!
  24. Ahahahaha thats gorgeous! My beagle does that sort of sound when she's rolling around on the floor scratching her back on the carpet
  25. You could try cockerlover. She makes all sorts of coats for inside
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