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  1. Beagle - currently own a cross Bloodhound I adore cocker spaniels (have a nutty girl) but i would probly never own another as none of them would EVER live up to my current girl. She's just to special
  2. My vet is a pure bred lover all the way, I'm very lucky! However the guy that actually owns the surgeery is heavly involved in BYB. If my vet wasn't the most wonderful vert on the face of the earth then I would go else where
  3. My god! The dog's welfare should come before a new phone!
  4. I've always used sausages for my girls and they will do anything for them! I was known as the sausage lady at dog club and every dog there knew what treats I had! I'd buy a massive tray of beef sausages each month, fry them up and cut them into really small pieces and freeze them. I would only need 1 sausage per dog pre training session and usually there was a little left over. Super cheap and as I said earlier the dogs went mental for them!!! Just be prepared for sausage hands after training!
  5. Thanks CW. Amazing what 24 months can do. I've gone from being miserable, sad and very unhappy to being happily married with a baby on the way! It just took 5 years of crap to get here but it was well worth it. And my dogs are much happier now then they have ever been. They adore their new Daddy!!!!!
  6. When I split with my ex I had to buy somewhere quick as I had the dogs and neededsomewhere to live. I bought a little run down unit and moved in. It was a real struggle for the first 2 months. Stuff kept breaking down in the new house and my cocker was very sick. For those first 2 months I never took lunch to work because I had no money for food. I ate chocolate all day because that's the business I'm in,packing chocolate. Most nights I would go to family member or friend for dinner because I couldn't afford to buy anything to make dinner for myself. All I would buy each week is fresh bread, butter, milk and whatever fruit was on special. My dogs received the medical treatment they needed and where fed. I chose to have dogs and I also chose to go without while I was on hard times so that my dogs didn't. Luckily for me things picked up and we're all ok now. However I would do it again in a heart beat.
  7. I would never use the same name again for my dogs. I'll probly never own another cocker spaniel as I think my Jesie is just soo special that any other cocker would be a let down so I certainly would never use the name again.
  8. Jesie my cocker I think would have a french accent but it would be rather common! Jodie my beagle X would have a stuck up english accent or a spanish accent I think. We thank god that Jesie cant talk because she never shuts up!
  9. I was googling one day and work while I was bored and discovered the forum. Figured I'd join up and see what it was like.
  10. My suggestion would be a an english Cocker Spaniel or Beagle. Both are great family dogs but like all dogs they require the right training. Crazy Daisey - a cocker like any other dog should not have a "funk". The only time I have known any dog to have a special kind of smell is when they have had anal gland issues which produces a coppery smell
  11. She's gorgeous! And very obviously well loved!
  12. Something in my eye! Thank you for sharing, Rennie is just gorgeous
  13. The president of the dog club I used to attend disliked beagles. When I brang my beagle X to class he told me I'd never be able to teach her anything as beagles aren't trainable. This from the man who had two cockers that would snap and snarl at all other dogs!!!
  14. I never knew that. my evil beagle will get extra cuddles tonight, she won't mind either because she loves cuddles and kisses more than anything in the world
  15. Done. my god the picture of that beagle makes me want to cry
  16. Always. The evil beagle gets scooted out of the kitchen and than I say "Thank you JoJo". Always remember my manners!
  17. Yes I am prejudice towards certain breeds but not all the time. If I see one of the breeds I am prejudice against while I dont have my dogs with me I am more than happy to interact with that breed. However if i have my dogs with me then I give the breed a very wide berth. I am only prejudice because of issues I have had with these breeds towards my own dogs.
  18. I'm thinking for in the future. We currently have a beagle and cocker and are thinking about adding an ACD for my husband and I'd love another beagle
  19. Hi Guys, Stupid question time! Do you think an ACD and a Beagle could get along succesfully? Thanks claireybell
  20. When my cocker was just a baby I was teaching heal by leading her with food in my hand. Once I was finished I realised that I had dripped blood all over the concrete from all the little nips I'd gotten! Hurt like hell!!!!
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