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  1. I dont like leaving mine as Jesie always gives me that bloody cocker face. You know the one that says "I cant believe your leaving me! I am the most adorable creature in the world!" She's very good at this face.
  2. In the local pet shop is a malamute X bulldog. has a bull body but these gorgeous spiky ears. She's a stunning puppy and obviously going to be a rather large dog as she's 10 weeks now and already the size of a small cocker. My black girl in the signature is a beagle X cocker spaniel. I think she looks all beagle and the only cocker about her is her colouring. Alot of people think she is a lab puppy or lab cross.
  3. I have 2 desexed females that get along brilliantly. However!! My cocker is the sort of dog that loves everyone and everything. I always knew that no matter what other dog I added to the mix she would love them. My beagle on the other hand is not so tolerating. She dislikes all other dogs besides my cocker. She is not aggressive but she is not interested in being "friends" with any other dog, male or female. But give her a human to snuggle up to and she's happy. I think it always depends on the individual dog.
  4. Totally understand Wags. Only way I ever leave my naughty puppies is if my sister will puppy sit. The girls adore Aunty Lisa and she adores them. We are currently in Thailand and it's the longest I've ever left my babies, I basked my eyes out when we left!!!
  5. I trained my evil beagle to greet me with something in her mouth. She has a nasty habit if getting over excited and chomping on my hand!! Now that she has a toy in her mouth I don't get chomped. She always sleeps on my dressing gown aswell. As soon as I take it off she drags it to her bed to sleep on. When I get up in the morning she drags it back to me. Lol
  6. Her parents were tested and she seems to see very well at night. I'm not sure that she's worried about going out at night as 99% of the time she does go out when she needs to. being outside is her favourite place especially if there is a cool breeze and its dark. Madam sits in the middle of the yard with the breeze blowing gently through her ears!
  7. I'd recommend you check it out. I know dogs that will run on three legs given the right motivation.. doesn't mean they ain't in pain. Lack of bladder/bowel control can also have a skeletal/spinal origin. Thanks poodlefan - no harm in checking it out. This bloody dog. Good thing she is my heart dog as she's costing me a fortune!!!
  8. Has she ever seen a chiropractor? No. She runs around like an idiot most nights so I've never thought that she might need a chiro.
  9. She hasn't been crate trained but we have bought crates and will start training once we are back from our honeymoon (we leave next week). I'll try removing her water earlier though. She barrels through the doggy door most times chasing after her beagle sister! She does have issues with her anal glands and we have them expressed by the vet every 2-3 months. Other than that no health problems. I'm one of those crazy dog mums that takes her dog the vet for the slightest thing just to make sure she's ok! lol
  10. Hi, My cocker is toilet trained, or she used to be!!!!! 99% of the time she is a good girl and goes outside to the toilet. But there are occassions when we will get up in the morning and be greeted with a wee on the carpet. Doesn't happen very often but often enough to have riuned my carpet. Whats even worse is that last week we got up and she had done poo on the carpet! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We are usually in bed by 10pm and are up by 6am so somewhere in those hours she's using the carpet as her toilet! We have a doggy door leading outside that she has been using since she was 14 weeks old and she always has access to the door. I've tried removing her water by about 9pm and taking her to the toilet before going to bed but it doesn't seem to work. We want to rip the carpet up and replace it in the near future as I am pregnant and we dont want baby crawling on dog pee carpet! However we need to sort out my naughty cocker first! Any suggestions for getting her to go outside ALL the time?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys, am going shopping on the weekend so will start looking around
  12. I know this has been done a few times but I really need some help guys. OH and I are after a camera. Our budget is up to $600 (we're hoping cheaper if we get it duty free). The things we are after in a camera are: Quickness - we want to be able to photo's quickly. As in not take apicture wait and then be able to take another. my current digital camera is really slow and I have to wait 6-7 seconds before the camera is ready to take another picture. Action - we onviously have dogs and would like to be to point and shoot and get good pictures. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated
  13. I completely disagree with this. I dont think the OP was being "over protective" of her dog at all. If it was me I would have been furious and would have said something right away.
  14. We use the BARF patties and my little fatty gets one patty a day. Half for breaky and the other half for tea. She's dropped from 19kg to 16kg and is looking awesome
  15. My two have first, middle and last names!! Once I'm married their last names will change with mine! Lol
  16. I have a female cocker. She can be very bouncy but a good walk or a free run will tire her out easily. Her coat can get very tangled if not groomed regularly but I don't find shedding too much of a problem. A good brush and the use of my mars coat king and she's good to go. Her retrieving instinct is awesome!! She likes a cuddle but is not an in your face dog. She's happy just to be where her family is. If we're on the couch she's happy to be on her bed in the same room. I heard that male cockers are alot more affectionate. She walks nicely on a leadbut she does like a good sniff as she goes. She's small enough and light enough (about 10kg) that on the rare occasion she does jump up at me I'm not sent flying. I've also found her easy to train, most cockers will do anything for a small food reward and a pat. She's the first dog I've ever owned (previous dogs were family pets) and I would always have a cocker after owning my little princess.
  17. Jodie is a licker of everything and everyone! She particularly loves it when her Daddy gets home from working in the warehouse and is all sweaty! Yuk!! Jesie licks my legs as soon as I get out of the shower
  18. Totally agree with this. My beagle was aquired because my cocker was lonely while I was at work. Jodie is happiest when with other people or dogs. She is extremely unhappy and destructive when left alone.
  19. I would never suggest a Beagle for a first time dog owner. I have one and I adore her BUT she needs alot of discipline. I find most Beagles are extremely clever, sometimes to clever for their own good. They need to be kept mentally occupie or they will destroy not only your house and garden but also your life! I find my Beagle very easy to train. She picks up new tricks very easily but trying to get her to not bench surf or snatch food is a constant battle that I think I am losing. Jodie is my first ever Beagle and now that I have her I would always own a Beagle. But then again I love a challenge!!
  20. It's totally a personal choice. However all of our family dogs growing up were inside dogs. My two dogs are most definately inside dogs. They even have their own bedroom and single bed! Lol
  21. Both my dogs suit me perfectly even though they are very different The cocker is non stop all the time wanting attention. She's always on the go and always happy. Not overly affectionate and won't do what you want unless she wants too. Basically she's me in dog form!! Lol The beagle is cool, calm and collected. She's never worried and will do anything I want. She's a Velcro dog. She's easy to train but can be very naughty/cheeky when the mood takes her. They suit me because between the RSI if them I get everything I need from a dog.
  22. The neighbours dog is only ever walked from the house to the letter box. He looks soooo excited to be getting out of the house and sooo disappointed to be returning so quickly. I feel really sorry fir him. He see's my dogs going for a walk twice everyday and I always feel guilty
  23. That would explain why my emotions are all over the place!! Our two were insane last night!!
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