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  1. I find that many dogs avoid my cocker as she is very excitable. But my beagle avoid's all dogs except my cocker! My beagle is a people dog, she will willingly go to people but she never bothers with other dogs
  2. I have 2 dogs that are 5 and 4 years of age. I have never worried about them jumping up on me when I come home but its now becoming a problem. I have a 1 year old son who is walking now and the dogs try to jump on him as we walk in the door (all in an excited rush, nothing nasty). How can I train them not to jump on people?
  3. I didn't think cats were allowed to wander? I thought they had to be on their own property?
  4. Jesie: Jesie Lion JesJes Jesica Jane (if she's in trouble) Scruffy Scruffy Pants Jodie: JoJo (this is what she's known as) Jo Pudding Fat Pudding Christmas Pudding Black Pudding That fing dog has gotten into the freezer!
  5. I had 2 puppies at once. My cocker was 8 months old when I got my beagle. It's very hard work but can be done
  6. I assume her comment may have taken out of context. If it was me I would be very relieved my dogs were found and ok but I would bursting with emotion that my son was foubdb
  7. I had been thinking about getting a second dog for a while. I wanted another but I also felt my first dog needed the companionship while I was at work. She's a very social dog and the cats wanted nothing to do with her. I ended up with a rescue that kind of fell into my lap. I wasn't really prepared yet for a second dog but she needed a home. My first dog adored her and still does. They are chalk and cheese in personality but they get on really well. Best thing I've done is get my rescue beagle x
  8. When I used to attend my local dog club a dog in a yellow vest needed space and a dog in a red vest need to be avoided. But if you weren't part of the club you would never know that. I think it's a great idea but unless there is some sort of tv and radio coverage of it then the public will never know about it
  9. When I was pregnant I really wanted another puppy. Thank dog I didn't get one!!! For the first few months old my son's life my poor dogs got hardly any attention from me because all I did was look after a newborn and try and get sleep. Things are easier now but I'm still thankful OH talked me out of it
  10. The beagle is definitely mine but the cocker seems to be OH's even though I had her 2.5 years before he came on the scene
  11. 2 is my max. I did want a third but after having a baby I've realized it would be way too hard
  12. I "think" we are now beagle proofed! Lol, could be interesting when I return back to work after 13 months if maternity leave!
  13. Norty beagle is right!!!! She has never destroyed stuff, she's just very very food driven. The only time she's good with food is when my baby offers her his toast. She never snatches from him, just licks it out of his hand and he giggles his head off. She's got a fair waddle on her today!
  14. Kiddie proof lock is on! I've already put child locks on all the cupboards. She did beg for dinner and then breakfast this morning. Little piggy
  15. Took her and they gave her a check over and sent us home. She seems alright this morning
  16. My beagle is a menace! She is such a sweet girl but any food left and she steals. How she figured out how to open the freezer door I'll never know. Velcro straps have been purchased and are attached now!
  17. I've been out tonight and when I came home the freezer door was open and my beagle was waddling towards me. She's manages to eat 4 pieces of crumbed fish, 500g of chicken nuggets, 750g of mince, a double breast chicken fillet and 600g of steak, all frozen. She's not moving very well because she's so bloated, is panting a lot, wheezing and is whining at me if I move away from her. Should I be taking her to an emergency vet? She's stolen food before and it's never affected her like this.
  18. Lovely story I was recently in Thailand and I can say there are vets everywhere! There are a lot of strays dogs aswell
  19. My son is 10 months old now and I find I'm able to share the love much easier these days. But from birth to about 7 months of age my dogs rarely got any affection from me. Like your wife I saw them as just one more "thing" needing my attention and I just didn't have the time, patience or energy to deal with them. I spent a fair amount of time telling them that if they barked and woke the baby they'd get it (ive never actually smacked or hit my dogs though). I was a horrible horrible dog owner. Luckily for me my husband also picked up the slack but like you he's out of the house for up to 12 hours a day. My son is in a routine now where he's in bed at certain times of day and those times don't change. I'm much more organized and I'm actually getting sleep. This means I don't feel like I'm drowning every day and it means my dogs are getting the affection from me that they deserve. On weekends when my husband is home he looks after the baby for an hour in the mornings and I take the dogs for a walk. It's a benefit for me as I get time away from the house without the baby and a benefit for the dogs who get some one on one time with me. I'm not suggesting that you don't help out already with your baby or the house work but maybe if your up for it give your wife a hand as much as possible. She might find she's got more time on her hands then and she may choose to spend some of that time with the dogs. Best of luck and congratulations on your first child
  20. My dream breeds are cocker and beagle which I already have. But I'd also love a bloodhound
  21. English Cocker Spaniels and Beagles are my favourite breeds. I love everything about them. I'm not into terriers, bull breeds or tiny breeds. Terriers and little breeds annoy me (or maybe it's just the people I know who own them) and I don't like the look of bull breeds
  22. I think I need to start putting the dogs outside when we go out. It doesn't seem to matter how dog proof I make the house my beagle is still managing to destroy stuff. She only does it when no one is home. They have always been inside dogs with access to a dog door for going outside. Is there a way to make them happy about being outside on their own? I don't want to stress them or upset them but something has to give. Any advice appreciated
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