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  1. Thanks Little Gifts. Wise words and so true
  2. I just went to see a friend and came to my senses. If I went to see him it would be trying to hold on. I realize that I probably need to think about getting another dog in the future. Not to replace Tonka but because I love having a dog and it makes home feel like a home. My cat keeps ignoring me!
  3. I feel so alone. I am tempted to ask to see him again before they cremate him but I am not sure that that is a good idea. I just want him back
  4. It seems like so many years ago that I came across DOL and through it got Tonka at 3 years of age. DOL helped me become an informed and resourceful dog owner. Today I had to let Tonka go. I knew it was time at nearly 17 years old to release him from his failing heart. This is my first time as an adult and the heartbreak is real. I am holding his collar alot and got really physically sick this morning for a number of hours. I can't believe he has gone. I wish I could post a photo but I never seem to manage with this latest format. Rest in peace little boy xxx
  5. Approaching breeders to see if they have retiring adult dogs for a pet home is really a great idea. That is how I got Tonka my papillon and Penny my ragdoll....both were 3 years old and are still going strong into old age!
  6. I am currently traveling in Scotland and had the pleasure of seeing a Westie in the West Highlands. It occurred to me that they may originate from this very area. The cute thing was he was with his owner and came with us on a cruise of the Loch Ness. Dogs are allowed many places here that they aren't in Australia .
  7. So this week twice now my little papillon Tonka has had a kind of episode or turn. I notice because he suddenly starts trying to get on top of me and appears anxious and clingy. He can't seem to be still and paces with the occasional jumping as if he has a sudden pain or sensation. It does seem to pass after half an hour to an hour. He is panting and wining a bit . He is 13 soon and the first time it occurred i did ring the Emergency Vet and was advised to monitor him. I kind of feel it isn't severe or frequent enough to take him to the vet. I had a full check uplast year with bloods and everything was generally good. There was mention of him possibly having very early Cushing Disease I think?? Anyway it is my first experience with an aging dog. I thought he might be dying the other night. Today was less severe.
  8. So sorry for the loss of your gorgeous Ned xx
  9. Sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy xx
  10. This was so awful...it almost ruined my day. That poor family
  11. Thinking of you Zena's Mum. Such special little beings in our lives xx
  12. Rest in peace Brodie and all the other doggies reaching the end of their lives. They give us so much and are never gone from our hearts xx
  13. Molly was such a gorgeous girl. Lovely video. Sorry for your loss xx
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