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  1. We went out, and about two hours later we saw him. He was interested in my dogs, but bolted as soon as he saw me even though I was on the ground and not reacting to his presence. I managed to get a photo of him and sent it to his owner who was thankful for the picture, but he is thin, and is living at the railway station where he is not at all safe as it is all of 50m from the highway. We left food and water for him and will try to locate a dog trap.
  2. I've just spoken with Vicki and have offered to help out as I am not far away and have the Aussies. We'll go for a muddy walk and see if we can catch poor Sami.
  3. I am looking to import semen from Germany. Can anyone please personally recommend any companies? Any information and contact details are much appreciated.
  4. It would possibly be able to be performed, but it would be unable to be certified and listed as such on the certificate.
  5. I think we should be showing our health results and not hiding the fact that a dog has higher than average scores, or is a carrier of blah blah blah. By having the results shown and known, more breeders will actually start to DNA test their dogs and stop breeding unknowns to unknowns, and if they don't well maybe more pet people will be aware of it and go elsewhere.
  6. If their cat was in their yard I would pay all the bills that are due to the injury. However if their cat was not in their yard I wouldn't be so willing.
  7. On December 21st we had a very fast welcoming of ten Australian Shepherd puppies born by C-Section. We have six blue merles and four black tri colours. 5 girls, 5 boys I am in love <3
  8. Can one bitch have three pups and the other four?
  9. Alice's baby belly, with my 6m old boy Ralph. Alice's Xray on day 55 and below, alice the same day.
  10. congratulations PooCow. They are utterly gorgeous!!! <3 You lucky thing :)
  11. fingers are crossed for you Alfoxton. What a special litter. :)
  12. Here at Parkeyre Australian Shepherds we are twiddling our thumbs, awaiting a special litter due between now and Christmas. This is Alice's third and final litter. Sire: Sup Ch Dreamoz Inaugural Boy "Dillon" (Ch Sarasota Urban Legend "Scambo" x Rozate MyDreamOz "Dream") Dam: Ch Mysql Winning Colours (IID USA) "Alice" (Ch Hisaw Unexpected At Heatherhill (USA) "Teddy" x Hisaw Hi Altitude At Winsome (IMP USA) "Static". Belly photos and Xray will be loaded when on PC. :)
  13. Small - staffies, Jack Russells, whippets, Medium - border collie, blue heeler, kelpie large - german shepherd, rottweiler, greyhound Giant - saint bernard, newfoundland, great dane.
  14. My signs on my front door and all external gates says: DOGS Think before entering
  15. With the life extender stuff you can get 7 days chilled. Imo its not worth it as you cant rely on your bitch to be ready within that short time span (remember it can take a few days to get semen from a-b.
  16. She has listed the bloke's address on her FB. :/
  17. Grace. As in disgrace if it goes bad and graceful if she does it right :) Racey gracy
  18. For those who dremel claws; can you please link me to THE product/s that you use on your dogs? Thanks! :)
  19. Weigh it, photograph it, groom it, weigh it again and let the pound/council see/know. :)
  20. Does the breeder of your new male know you plan to breed him? Your breeder may even be of assistance.
  21. Wonderful lesson in genetics. Thanks :)
  22. I'll giva ASAP a call then and see what exactly it is a have paid for, as when asked for a merle test the dog was tested for the k locis.
  23. They don't have merle listed anywhere in their available tests. K-Locus. :)
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