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  1. Good luck with the Avon, I did it when I had just left school and made a decent amount of money out of a few key clients! :)
  2. They seem to advertise for staff and team leaders A LOT.
  3. Dr Arthur House - CARE Collingwood. Dr Sam Snelling - Advanced Vet Care. Dr Wing Tip Wong - Melbourne Uni Vet Hospital. If you feel it's the neck, ask for an MRI. :)
  4. Nah, who would dare leave Stan in a kennel!!! He would disown you. :laugh: If you had said yes I would've agreed :laugh: BUT in my defence I worry about them getting hurt in kennels with their thin skin and with Stan's loooong record of injuries I'd back it in something would happen. I really don't think they would miss me at all as long as they were together it's me that has the problem. I did put them in doggy daycare at my vets for a day a few months back when I had an appointment in Sydney and Stan barked non stop, we got the "don't come back" when I picked him up. Only Stan would get expelled on his first day of pre school Poor Stan! I agree kennels that are Greyhound friendly would be hard to find. I wasn't addressing anyone really, just saying that if their dogs are OK and there are places people want to travel, don't put it off permanently just for that reason. :) There was a definite age demographic at my last clinic where clients had made the decision not to replace their dog/s or cat/s immediately as they had plans to travel within the next decade. That's another alternative I guess. My issue is that my (currently) childless friends are traveling now, and my volunteer work is now, with no guarantees of continued program funding into the future.
  5. Has she always been a car sick type of dog? If so, you can get a pack of 4 Cerenia tabs from your Vet that should help. They are new generation, so anti-nausea without the tranquilising effects. They're a bit exy but they work very well.
  6. Nah, who would dare leave Stan in a kennel!!! He would disown you. :laugh:
  7. I wouldn't send a young pup to boarding, we did it with our first dog at 6 months and he came back a barker. This may have eventuated anyway, but I don't think it helped! You have a few options though: Some Vet Nurses look after dogs or provide a visiting service to clients' homes to feed pets. Someone may offer in-home pet sitting in or near your home town or on the way to the city. If you wanted to take your dog with you, there would be pet friendly holiday cottages/apartments/homes probably in the city and more on the outskirts -> search stayz.com.au then specify pet friendly. However, you'd need an extremely well adjusted dog to be able to leave it for periods of time in an unfamiliar house and I would definitely be crate training the dog so they didn't damage the house while you were away. I love to take my dogs away to pet friendly holiday places, and I also love going away with friends. Luckily my dogs are looked after by my parents, but in the future that may not be an option so they would have to be kenneled. Although here I would use Kepala Pet Resort where my Retriever could swim in the pools everyday and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to come home. :laugh: I would also consider splitting mine up to go with select friends who are trainers and own similar breeds, but I would expect to pay them what kenneling would cost me unless we had a reciprocal arrangement. I do miss them when I go away for the first few days but as Megan says it's a healthy thing to do and I also love my remote area volunteer work and I wouldn't want to miss out on it. Obviously this is conditional on the dogs being OK, if I had one that was a complete wreck when I was away I would have to sort that out...yet to have that problem though! :)
  8. :laugh: We got these awesome black ones that smell like tutti-frutti in the Royal Canin puppy packs but I can't work out where they're from. Emailed the rep but she never answered, probably thought I was crazy. That would be good to find out SnT. Some of those scented ones smell worse than their contents. Yes, I can't stand the powder scented nappy bags. I suspect I haven't isolated the correct scent name, so it's making google searches difficult.
  9. :laugh: We got these awesome black ones that smell like tutti-frutti in the Royal Canin puppy packs but I can't work out where they're from. Emailed the rep but she never answered, probably thought I was crazy.
  10. Halti and Infin8 are my personal faves. However, if the dog is constantly chomping on it whilst walking you (they) have other issues e.g. anxious behaviour. The Halti no-pull harness would be the only one I'd fit for a lunging dog because the front strap can connect to the collar, but even then, there is a big risk the dog could jump then lunge and slip one or both front legs out of the harness.
  11. Thirds for Dr Gaille Perry and she has lots of personal multi dog household experience as well.
  12. Well, you could let him drag the long lead around but I would be careful about restraining with a tight lead amongst off lead dogs as it may result in you or the dog becoming tangled and/or increasing tension if your dog feels like he can't 'escape' from another dog. If it were me I would do as Staffyluv suggests and observe the 'regulars' at the time you'd like to be there. Look out for other entire males and see if they interact calmly and what size/s they are. Spend a number of sessions on the outside of the fence if there is one, and practice recalls until you are very comfortable he will come back when in close proximity of other dogs. Recalls with no other dogs around is one end of the spectrum (easy) and recalls whilst off lead with a bunch of other dogs is basically the other end of the spectrum (difficult +++), you need to build up the distraction levels in between. :) And yes, it's not up to other dogs to teach him manners, it's up to you to intervene in rough play BEFORE the other dog needs to tell him off.
  13. Just be aware that as a breed, they tend to have a very upright posture in movement, and he will smell like an entire male to other dogs, particularly other entire males. :)
  14. The problem is, it doesn't seem to work fine. :p Obesity in pets is often multi-faceted. If you create a dog that is hungry all the time because it's meal has been cut dramatically, it's not sustainable for the owners who gave them way too much in the first place. The diet becomes 'cruel' and they feel awful about it and it fails. I don't know what the answer is b/c we never had much luck with compliance. On a science base RC Obesity seems the best in quality and the fact that it has L-Carnitine and ingredients that promote satiety...however I think they stuffed the marketing by naming it Obesity. :laugh:
  15. What do you think of the Freedom No Pull, Sheena? Was your dog very strong at pulling on lead or only moderately annoying? :)
  16. Royal Canin Mobility does have the supps (GLM) at therapeutic levels, and I think the Hills J/d does too, but both of those are the veterinary prescription lines.
  17. :laugh: I can just imagine.... "and dont come back!!" :laugh: I'm pretty sure that's how we got a Lori at the clinic I eventually found a home for. :D
  18. I would hazard a wild guess at it being spinal and I would take him to the vet in the morning so they can do neck range of motion, manipulate all the way down the spine and do hips and shoulders range of motion. I like to know for my own information whether there is a pain response anywhere, and if you wait another couple of days it might not be as apparent.
  19. K9 nosetime is based at Hills District in NSW. LOL. Right you are. I was SURE they were vic based - but had googled many pages - possibly confused. The course we're doing is through Australian Canine Sports and training centre in box hill / kellyville http://www.lovesdogs.com.au I was only aware as we've had them down to help out at a workshop day we ran. But there is a group based in Vic that has a similar name so you're not far off.. :)
  20. K9 nosetime is based at Hills District in NSW.
  21. DogsVic won't give out any information regarding a breeders' registration due to privacy I have personally found. The OP obviously wants a pup now, or a cheaper pup or both, so is willing to overlook this issue. Not much else to say, really.
  22. If it's a diuretic you're talking about, giving it earlier in the evening with a few trips before bed can help a lot. Also, try to get a phone progress update conversation with your vet each week or two, you may be able to reduce the dose slowly and that will be more satisfactory for both of you, but don't make any changes without checking in with them first. :)
  23. Teach them to sleep separately but next-door to each other inside in covered crates. They will be warm, Collie will have to learn to settle and everyone will be happy. I used to have the laundry covered in dog beds and all was well but then #4 came along and he was a right pest, mostly just dis-respecting space. As dogs get older they become less tolerant and I can vouch for the fact that when crated separately they all get better quality rest as they feel safer. Dog #4 actually took to it best as he loves to squish into the smallest crate, at the back and loves to be under something like a bench, so he needed the confinement too.
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