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  1. I asked the breeder of my latest pup to run through a modified test, she didn't do anything that would adversely affect the pups (scary) as they were older than the usual testing age and may have been entering a fear period. The breeder emailed the scores, and even with the modified test it was clear to see which of the pups had more pack drive and resilience than the others. I didn't get to see the pups until pick-up due to being interstate but I'm very happy with my choice. :)
  2. They come from the US so you need to order about 2-4 weeks in advance. There will be extra trauma to the scrotum and the risk of infection is higher because you're essentially putting a foreign body in - although they are sterile. Perse is right too, a good looking entire dog will be more of a target for theft.
  3. Be sure to meet both parents and spend time with them if you go with a Lagotto. It's great that there are some good reviews for some lines, but you also need to observe the parents and the litter and go with your gut feeling. I've known two specifically, one was just extremely shy and anxious, but that made it hard for the owners to have visitors around, and the other refused puppy school but had a certain training franchise do in home training and after that no-one could get near it other than the family - needed to be sedated to even have it's ears examined. It would be very worth your while speaking with the vet behaviourist who breeds them also, just to see what socialisation she provides for her pups before they go to new homes, just to compare with other breeders. It would be horrible to spend all that money on a dog that was inherently shy when you will have friends of your kids visiting etc. For the record I second the Keeshond. They are lovely because they are not popular, so bred carefully and are quite smart.
  4. Wouldn't put it past him, some dogs are great mousers. Good little Mexican he is! :D
  5. Nissan are seriously dumb, actually, if they've drastically reduced the size. I bet they've never taken stats on how many dog owners buy that model.
  6. Yes, the new model does not look good! A friend of mine would have bought one to replace her current model but will be looking for something else now. No way I am looking at upgrading in the near future but I feel I am edging closer and closer towards a caddy van of some sort. They just need a lift kit. :laugh:
  7. PM TSD. She has used steady feet game for this. We started doing it with some pups in her puppy games class and it was working well. I wish I knew about it 9 years ago - probably would have stayed in the show ring!
  8. I'm guessing if the trainer is using visual barriers they are a Delta trainer? Speak to them after class. :)
  9. Have had a fair bit to do with Prue Stanley as she was one of our preferred vets for a few years. I think she's an excellent vet, can't fault her, and can't imagine she is not keeping up with the latest info. I'm guessing she has just been told to toe the company line. ETA: I've had triennial vacc's done at Stud Park in the past so it's a bit puzzling!
  10. Good to know, I'm not sure but I think ppl have been suggesting the original breeder can re-open the books and fully register as well. So Limit Register pups that are campaigned by good owners, and earn Obedience Titles, paying kudos to their breeders at the same time, can still rise to serve... so to speak. Yes, I think dogs can be changed over to mains with blessing of the breeder, I'm not sure but there may be a time limit on that though??
  11. ANKC Limit Register dogs can compete in any performance sport and earn the same titles. They can't compete in conformation showing or be bred from.
  12. I can't remember to be honest. We sent that dog on to the specialist thinking it would need surgery.
  13. If they can't fit you in today I would ask if you can drop him off on your way to work tomorrow to stay the day. We've had two like that, one was a huge chop we got out using an endoscope and the other was a knuckle bone that the specialist managed to reef out with his hands. The second was like you describe, the dog could eat but obviously something was not quite right. The best thing about lodged bones is if there is a bit stuck, it will show up on xray.
  14. If he is still gagging/retching occasionally you should take him now. They will probably xray to see if there's any bone lodged.
  15. I'm not sure if you live in Altona or the outskirts, but Bulla Agility Dogs looks as though they are taking applications for foundations very soon. Whereis says it's 35 minutes Altona -> Bulla. :)
  16. How are they teaching Agility? If you want to compete, they must be using positive reinforcement. If they are using any kind of corrections during agility class then I would be hesitant. I don't know if Agility Dog Club of Vic is currently operating - going by a thread here - my best advice is to go down there on a Friday night to their training grounds and enquire as to whether they're running any foundation classes this year. It sounds as though you've done very well so far to use rewards in a hostile environment.
  17. Which area of Vic are you in? Maybe we can suggest a different sort of club.
  18. Maybe when you're feeling better, it's worth annoying your council and other councils that border yours for something like this? There must be other Greyhound and Whippet owners such as yourself who could utilise such a thing. http://www.mappingmanningham.com/org/manningham-greyhound-slipping-track-inc
  19. I would contact Dogs In Motion. I'm certain that Michelle would not treat unless she felt she had all the relevant information and imaging. You could book an initial appointment at any rate, and then find out if further imaging is required. :) Some vets are supportive, and others don't seem to understand the benefits I have found. But if you request your dog's history to be sent there they can't refuse.
  20. You also have Beds for Tails and Mornington Lodge in that area for comparison. :)
  21. I haven't used Dogs Country Club but the owners are friends of the family. They are well experienced in the pet industry. Relatives of the same family own Cooinda Cattery, have done for many years, and it's where I send my kitties. :)
  22. My old Staffy girl had a Great White North coat for winter and the sweater for warmer transition months. http://www.chillydogs.ca I originally bought it because she loved to sleep outside during the day under the pergola on the hammock beds but I was afraid if the weather turned bad she'd get cold before she woke up properly- she was hard of hearing etc. This might help too: http://www.dogleggs.com/files/rear.cfm I would second the idea for a soft crate with the drop down window covering, they operate a lot like a canvas tent and keep out the draughts. I used to use only weatherbeeta but I think for dogs with very fine hair the chest flap of the great white north and the closer fit overall make it more effective. The other thing we did was put an oil fin heater in the laundry if she preferred to sleep there as it warmed the room.
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