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  1. Yes, the dots and dashes are Morse Code. :) ooh Morse would be a cool name :cool: Morse would be a totally cool name! I don't know the incidence of deafness in pure SBT's so didn't say anything. However, most SBT's that are born white like that start to get mottling/patches as they grow even if it's just on the skin so there are not many around that are pure white like the BT's.
  2. Whilst you will have to intervene, choosing one particular signal from the dog (maybe not growling as that is too far gone) and teaching Collie to turn away and return to you might see him actually offer the learned behaviour eventually and keep himself out of trouble.
  3. I haven't trained in agility for ages but I know when I used to do sequencing I would crouch into a stupid posture as well, couldn't help it, just a nervous thing I think. Also now that I have recovered from my back injury, I realise it might have been a subconscious thing to protect my lumbar spine. I know they do clicker training for humans in gymnastics i.e. when you see something you like, you click, it helps give information to the brain and speeds muscle memory apparently...forgive me if that's a bad explanation I only saw a short TV segment on it. I have in the past when training obedience said to people "I'll click, when I click YOU WILL REWARD THE DOG". It forces the reward rate up for the dog. :laugh: Obviously you can't click both dog and owner though! :laugh:
  4. Me too - lacking funds. Will be keen to hear the reviews. :) I almost cringe when I say it, as organising the Nose Works day nearly sent me around the bend, but we have a good venue in Vic if she's interested in coming back. I would book her in a heartbeat.
  5. Steve Wait at Beaconsfield Vet would also be worth a try. Not sure if Ultimate Vet Narre Warren Sth have the vaccines in stock but I'm sure they would support your choice. I had the last triennial done at Stud Park so I know they stock it. I do the annual health check-ups elsewhere. The problem is if they are restricted to another vaccine brand they have to buy 10 minimum of the triennial. Sometimes it's just better to go to who stocks it and request to be taken off the yearly reminder listings.
  6. You might wish to try a totally different protein - Black Hawk fish or another fish based food. Royal Canin do a Labrador food that is specifically targeted to Labs with skin and ear problems. They also do a prescription diet with fish. Fear behaviour is stressful and stress = low immune system = illness. So you may need to work out how to make her more comfortable in her environment too. Some swimming dogs need their ears cleaned out after each swim, get something specifically from your vet for cleansing that will have a drying action as well.
  7. How is she feeding? Any milk coming out her nostrils? You are welcome to PM me I have an 8 mth old Stafford with a cleft lip and palate. I'm an ex vet nurse so had a lot of communication with the breeder about it. :)
  8. Well done for coming here and asking the question first. :) She is obviously not registered and is deflecting back onto you because you are asking questions she can't answer. Pugs are so great but you need a breeder who is open and honest and will provide advice on health and training after the purchase, if you need it. Good luck with your search. :)
  9. If they are in fact a registered breeder they must register all pups in the litter in Victoria and provide you with 'Main' or 'Limited' certificate of pedigree for your pup. This litter is obviously an accident (outside of the code of ethics), or they do not want to pay to register the litter, or they are not registered breeders at all, with Dogs Victoria. You cannot get pedigree papers for a litter that has not been registered after the fact. I would not buy the puppy, they are giving you vague excuses that are not acceptable. What health testing is needed for Pugs? I would be worried they haven't done this either.
  10. I dont think so, unless they get wisdom teeth like we do later on. She's 9 1/2 months old. Ah ok, I couldn't remember her age, sorry.
  11. That's what I thought when I saw the footage this morning.
  12. How exciting!!! I admire the Fieldies from afar. The are on my list for 'later on' when I can focus more time and money on retrieving. :) I'm sure you'll get heaps of advice. I have one of Bill Hillman's dvds - haven't watched it all but I like his presentation style and find it easy to follow.
  13. My parents have a 2007 model and while it's not as high as my xtrail I do like to take the Forester out occasionally (in the name of resetting the transmission computer) and fang it around corners, it's much more stable and responsive. :D I did a 'build your own' on the Subaru site- got to $51k without leather trim and heated front seats. Bahahaha....oh well, one can dream... Haha Yeah I did 'Build your own too' and laughed out loud thinking yeah right! However, you can get the base model Forester in Auto for approx $33,000 drive away which is on par with the other small SUV's in that class - and with the bonus of it having AWD standard. The good thing about Subaru models is that the base model is pretty stacked with features so you don't miss out on much without upgrading I'm really leaning towards this now. That's quite a good price for new. :) One piece of advice is to drive the different transmission types, and compare it to the turbo, thinking about what sort of driving you'll be doing. Ours seems to have a delay in gear changes when overtaking at high speed, a bit of a worry when on the highway. My Dad said he'd only ever buy the turbo if he was to get another. The issue might be corrected now in newer models though.
  14. My parents have a 2007 model and while it's not as high as my xtrail I do like to take the Forester out occasionally (in the name of resetting the transmission computer) and fang it around corners, it's much more stable and responsive. :D I did a 'build your own' on the Subaru site- got to $51k without leather trim and heated front seats. Bahahaha....oh well, one can dream...
  15. I'm sorry your dog is so unwell. You can ask to be referred to an internal medicine specialist if you wish. The advantage is that they have all the diagnostic toys in house, generally. It seems like there's lots going on, and he might be the wrong age for onset but ask about white shaker syndrome.
  16. If you feel that the lump corresponds to where the vet put the vacc then I wouldn't be worried unless the lump grows in size, is hot or painful etc. It will take 7-10 days to disappear though - if it's a vacc reaction.
  17. I wonder if your Vet is a bit reluctant to desex Staffords. They can be exceptionally difficult to spey due to their musculature. We have done lots of almost-to-term speys on dogs in remote communities. If there are only two pups you still have that option BUT I would probably find a specialist vet so that there are blood products on hand and 24 hour monitoring. I also might consider leaving her there for 2-3 days cage rest if she was calm about it. What you really need to do though is read up as much as possible on the birth process and particularly when to see the vet for a C-Section. If you need an emergency vet in the middle of the night it's likely they will ask you to pay up front, don't be caught out. You might like to write a letter to CCCQ if you are a registered member and see whether they would make an exception to registering this litter, given you were advised by your vet to wait and were managing the dogs well until she busted out. I find it a bit weird that they are talking hormonal/behavioural changes if you were to spey now. She will be less distressed knowing nothing than if she wakes up from a C-Sect with puppies.
  18. I wonder if HazyWal could ask to see the article before it is published? You can ask and they will usually oblige. But you have to be around as they will generally email it about 10 mins prior to publication deadline and expect you will OK it immediately. :laugh:
  19. Have you tried adding *torrent* to your search? ETA: I say this because I remember watching it but think it might be a Nat Geo program?
  20. Would you mind forwarding me the details too? My dogs like to come indoors but happy to sleep in crates at night. :) It's hard wading through all the PI properties, a lot that come up in a search as pet friendly, then have no details about pets allowed.
  21. No worries. :) Also, do you have the NADAC rules? There were a couple of entries where she had the first pole on her right shoulder - which is wrong. She must always enter with the first pole at her left shoulder. Starting 2x2 from the very beginning, first with 2 poles, then with 4 will really help that as she needs the entry repetition work, which you only need 2 poles for.
  22. With your weavers, standing still and moving your left shoulder away may be pulling her out of them early. Try walking in the same direction as she is weaving and square your shoulders off to the weavers, looking forward to the exit - if you get what I mean? I would give some rewards occasionally after one or two obstacles as well, just to break it up a bit. :)
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