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  1. The reason i asked is because feeding a puppy is different to feeding an adult, and raw feeding a pup is a harder thing to get right. I have fed raw and kibble depending on the dogs i have at the time. Either way the amount you are feeding are too little for a big breed dog, unless he is a cross bred.
  2. Were they feeding R/C Rottie puppy ?Why did you change it if he was doing well on it ?
  3. Did you do any research on what breeds would suit you ? working breeds in suburbia with full time worker ( you will be ) , isn’t ideal . I used to have a cattle dog and I’m on a tiny block , but he got walked twice a day offlead an hour each time . I ran him everyday alongside my bike too , worked from home and had at least 2 other dogs as buddies . Would I do it again , nope because I’m much older , can’t ride anymore and work away . I love working breeds but they are busy dogs . I feel like you are asking for backup to rehome him , buyers regret is kicking in . It happens , sometimes it’s best to admit it’s not a good match . 6 months down the track he will be harder to rehome with bad behaviour traits . Personally I would have said older dog would have suited you better .
  4. She doesn’t even look like either of those breeds . The petshop aren’t going to tell you were she is from , it’s their supplier so they won’t disclose . Health wise who knows what she might get , no way of knowing. Why would a purebred forum have a clue where a petshop puppy came from ?
  5. juice

    Welsh Corgi

    You will have to go on a wait list for a Corgi or you won’t get one . Start approaching breeders now whose dogs you like the look of .
  6. Really , he got burnt and you didn’t take him to a vet ! Take him now .
  7. Who owns a white pit bull ? Ignorance much .
  8. And you have had him 4 days so even younger than 7 weeks when u got him poor mite .
  9. I dont see the problem with filling out a form first . Why would a foster career who may work full time want to talk to every tyre kickers out there . They don’t have the time . It’s basically sorting the wheat from the chaff . I do understand some questions I have seen are stupid but I’d suck it up . Breeders dogs might be cheaper initially, but a rescue will be vaccinated and desexed so cheaper , plus you can get a better match and backup
  10. No idea why your friends would risk bringing livestock to live in a house with a dangerous dog . But anyway , Steve at K9 Pro works with E collars.
  11. Perhaps a muzzle would be a good start before someone or something gets too close or you lose grip and he bites someone.
  12. Yes , I gave him DOL contac a week ago when I went to order a part , yesterday he told me he had no responses . I did tell him to just contact breeders and tell them about himself etc and see if they had anything coming up . He has a Cavoodle , but lost his BB 6 months ago and is only just ready for another dog . He doesn’t want another due to all their health issues , something smaller he said to suit other dog and is in no rush . Told him to say just that .
  13. Good to know as I often get people at work asking me where to get pups . I always send them here first . Although when breeders don’t bother to reply it’s embarrassing which was what happened yesterday after I sent the poolshop guy here to look for a new dog .
  14. i didn't know he bred labs now? does he still breed Mals?
  15. Perhaps call your vet and ask their opinion so you know what you might be up for in the future . Also insurance will be void if it’s a pre existing condition.
  16. The vet agreed it was ok to just leave it for now. Its right on the tip and its not bothering her at all. She said if it had been nearer the ear canal it would need surgery. If it gets bigger or she starts to shake her head i will go back.
  17. T , she has pointy ears so not sure I could bandage it flat . Turns out her sister and Zeldas dad had them too and they just resolved on their own , just wrinkly after . I have made a vet appointment for sat . Would prefer not to put her through surgery if it’s not vital . Pain from having your ear sliced and stitched maybe just as bad as letting it resolve with pain meds . Will see what vet thinks . She is fine , not at all bothered by it , no head shaking .
  18. I’m not going that route with her . I did consider it but we have a good routine now and she copes ok generally .
  19. Have you had one drained pers ? It does say they can refill if you drain them . I just want to be sure it’s not painful. She is terrified of people , noise , cars , you name it , so vet visits are hard and mine are doing contactless appointments where they take them off you . She would be beside herself without me .
  20. Barbie has a Heamatoma on the top of her ear which randomly appeared today . She wrestled with Zelda earlier so could have happened then . I know it can be drained or I can leave it and it will eventually go , but should I at least get her some pain relief? Has anyone had one ?
  21. The reason he is booked is because he is good. worth the wait. In the meantime keep him away from other dogs.
  22. Steve at k9 pro deals with dog aggression. Your dog will not improve without help , he will just escalate.
  23. Some puppy kibble is " small bites" so he may find that easier. you could soak it .
  24. should he not have been vaccinated and wormed at 6 weeks? did vet not check him then?
  25. So good quality wet food is the best Ram? I ofttn get people in with fussy toy breeds so its good to know.
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