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  1. Having 2 bull breeds you need to be savvy about behavior. No , she should not be allowed to jump on the furniture, its not puppy antics , its having no boundaries and not being taught., she is already being pushy. You have to take the lead and be in control. Females are generally top dog , so Jax will have to step back. Don't feel guilty if you don't want her, depending on where you are pounds these days are very low kill and a good rehomable dog will easily find a new home.
  2. Just because she is there doesn’t mean you need to keep her . What if she matures and doesn’t take kindly to being told off and retaliates . Kazm , why didn’t you place the pup ? How do you know it went to a good home ? It was one of yours after all , breeders should stand by what they put out there .
  3. If you do go boarding just be careful, Mals often don't take kindly to other dogs getting in their face so being chucked in a kennel with the wrong dog might end badly. You could try Steve at k9 pro, he breeds Mals and might know of someone willing to help.
  4. $1700 is really low . Most kennels charge $35- $40 a day so make sure she isn’t just chucked in with another random dog to share .
  5. why don't you stay put and just commute, an hour is nothing in Sydney? You could pay a dog walker to take her out once a day while you are at work. Why only 4 months anyway if its a permanant job move?
  6. I tend to agree, it may have nothing to do with motherhood , more dominant flipping smaller dogs because she can . She needs to stop .
  7. It’s rude behaviour and just because some owners are ok with it doesn’t mean you should let it happen . She will pick on the wrong dog and a fight will happen and in a dog park that’s a disaster as every dog in there will join in . What Pers said , put her on a long line and take her to open spaces and work on recall , she doesn’t need to go to dog parks to have fun .
  8. Thanks , I was worried about her buying more wormer so soon after he was supposed to have been done , so I did say to call vets to confirm exactly what he had .
  9. You can get soft Elizabethan collars, or blow up ones. They are like those neck rests you have for people for car trips. Kong make them.
  10. thanks T, was hoping you would respond! I basically told her all that about the worms, so phew, got it right. I never leave my guys with water in crates ( although they sleep with doors open now anyway), but wasn't sure what the deal was with pups . We sell the buckets that hang on crates, but they can flip them up and knock them off.
  11. Someone came into work today to buy allwormer as she had picked new dog up from pound vet Monday after being desexed and said he was supposed to have been wormed too but still had them in his poop . Would it take a while to kick in , or was he likely not done if they are still visible ? Secondly , new puppy question , if crated at night , water in crate or not , as might knock it over ?
  12. Same advice as before , look on breed pages . Two females together doesn’t always work , just desex the one you have .
  13. Get your dog desexed , then more choice .
  14. Why was it dropped ? Are they not spaniels?
  15. My 2 BT's do exactly the same. shake it off, one goes for a drink then its on again.
  16. Just because you think he is stunning doesn’t mean he is . You need to know a lot about the breed to see if he is good enough . Breeders pick studs that are known and to compliment the bitch , not just ransoms . Why do you want to breed him ?
  17. So sorry . Brave call , I waited 12 hours too late with Ozz and regret it .
  18. Chopping and changing every 5 mins isn’t helping , and don’t forget vets know very little about food and get paid to push brands . He should have been kept on what he was used to until he settled in and then slow transition. I would have bloods done then pick a food and stick with it .
  19. Just in case you are near a Costco, they now have their own raw patties which are a bit cheaper and they are made by the same people who make the big dog patties.
  20. Unfortunately we have a bad one in our street now , young dog , huge , walked only to the end of the road and back , often as I’m coming home with mine and it’s dog and people aggro . Walked by a young teen who struggles to hold on to it, I dread seeing it . I have seen it lunge at people ,and It just missed me as I went to letterbox and didn’t see it coming up road , lunged at me , scared the crap out of me .
  21. It’s one of the things you will have to get used too . I was always wary of them until Reddog in here asked me to walk his while he had a knee op as we live close . I fell in love with them both , adorable big goofers , but while walking them I was constantly getting people asking me if they were dangerous. I own Bull breeds and the most common comment is “ they lock jaws and you shouldn’t have them with kids .” I also have people cross the road to avoid me . Its a shame , but people are ignorant.
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