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  1. I've got lemon and lime trees and a passionfruit vine and have had no problems with them.
  2. I have a noser too LG. The kids call it 'boofing.' Bruno happily boofs all manner of things over with his nose. Schoolbags, drink bottles, etc. And sits outside the toilet door when I'm in there, boofing the door every now and then for good measure. :laugh: My Anatolian does this. Walks up to the table and noses whatever he can reach onto the floor *rollyeyes* I imagine an Anatolian can reach most things too DA. :laugh: The kids bedside tables are most attractive to Bruno. Tissue boxes, drink bottles and books are all fun to boof over. Doesn't help that they laugh at him. He wags his tail and does an encore.
  3. I have a noser too LG. The kids call it 'boofing.' Bruno happily boofs all manner of things over with his nose. Schoolbags, drink bottles, etc. And sits outside the toilet door when I'm in there, boofing the door every now and then for good measure. :laugh:
  4. I adore Boxers but their slobber can be an issue for some. Mine is very tidy and dry-lipped at home but the moment there are treats or excitement (like visitors arriving) things can get a little foamy. I keep wipes handy for any unfortunate visitors who cop a side-swipe of jowl.
  5. And another belated Happy Gotcha Day gorgeous Stan
  6. I don't think you are being unreasonable at all OSoSwift. My dog's breeder runs kennels and her arrangements are very similar. She has set hours for drop off and pick-up, a.m and p.m. If we wish to make an earlier start on leaving home, we drop him off the night before we leave. Simple. I've never run late, or had to ask for a different time, but I'm sure if there were extenuating circumstances, she would try to accommodate (as you did in a couple of examples you gave). But I certainly wouldn't expect it. People who run kennels have busy enough lives!
  7. Oh, I just read this now (I must have been typing my reply at the same time). Now that I've read that you only run when it's cool, I think a Boxer could work well for you. They certainly enjoy running! Another DOL member (Boxagirl) does dry land sledding with her boxer in winter here.
  8. Hi Tor, your family sounds like an ideal Boxer home to me. Of course, I am biased, as they are my favourite breed. They generally love the hustle and bustle of kids, and being involved in whatever you are doing. More than anything, they love to be with their people. My only concern is the long-distance running. In cool weather I don't imagine it would be an issue, but I'm not sure about hotter times of the year? I guess it depends on the climate you live in, and what temperatures you run in. For us, living in WA, on days when the forecast predicts around 40 degrees, I always exercise my dog early in the morning, before it reaches 25 degrees. If you can, go to some dog shows and meet some breeders and dogs (this applies to Boxers and any other breeds that spark your interest). Ethical, registered breeders who health test are definitely the way to go. Ask questions and be prepared to go on a waiting list for the right pup. Be wary of breeders who are basically puppy-farmers, churning out pups in Victoria. Good luck in your decision-making.
  9. Yay, that is good news Stressmagnet. I'm relieved for you!
  10. Ouch, poor Ernie. Stressmagnet I'm with Petplan, so it may be different with your insurer, but we normally pay the bill then claim back from our insurer. Do you have a credit card you could use to pay the initial bill? With our claims, we download a claim form from Petplan's website and fill in the owner portion, then there's a page that the vet fills in. Our claims take 4-6 weeks normally to get paid out (minus any excess if applicable). Hopefully someone with the same insurer as you will pop in with better info. Good luck tomorrow!
  11. I once came across a mangled face looking up at me doing poo patrol. A piece of a sausage on a rope toy with weird faces. Tried to post an image but iPad says 'no.'
  12. Beautiful words there Dogbesotted.I am so sorry for your loss of Dennys Dog.
  13. Oh Kajtek, so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy.
  14. So according to this chart Boxers are dumb and over-rated. The only logical explanation for this error is that they based it on one dog, -the 'Boxer' pictured in the chart, with his inexplicably small head and weird as hell body shape. While I won't claim that mine is super-smart, he certainly is easy to live with. He has a sunny, confident temperament, is dog and human-friendly, and is not worried by fireworks/ storms or vet visits. He is not destructive or a digger, only alert barks when there is something unusual (like the neighbours being burgled) but is otherwise quiet, and he is a cheerful companion with a soft spot for kids. While we've only achieved basic obedience, many other Boxers that I know have performed well in obedience, agility and lure-coursing. So no, not a dumb breed.
  15. Maybe shoot a PM to Dol member Zayder Asher?
  16. Thanks HazyWal, he's a gorgeous clown. :) Love the Hover-Minty photo Dust_Bunny :laugh: Loving everyone's photos, gorgeous dogs, big and small. Love the 'little' babies who suddenly got big!
  17. Bruno as a puppy: Gardening: And being a lap dog, then: And now: ETA: OMG! Sorry it's so huge, I struggle to re-size and post photos on Dol...
  18. What a gorgeous pup ElizabethBailey. :) I feed dry and a little raw (human grade) every day with no issues. In fact my dog is doing better on his current diet than he was on raw only, or dry only.
  19. Love the photos HW, especially the 'not so sure' Maddie. :laugh:
  20. Yeah I'm relieved no one was bitten Griff (I still feel terrible for unwittingly locking Bruno inside the house with it). But now I'm paranoid that it's only a matter of time before we encounter another one. The neighbours haven't done much to deal with the rats, so the food source is still there for snakes. Last night as I was closing some curtains, my husband's leather belt fell onto my foot, I shot into the air. Everything looks like a snake when you've met one in your house! :laugh:
  21. Me too. Glad I'm not alone. :laugh: Hopefully it's healing up well now Kirty. :)
  22. I'm still a bit freaked out that it got in and we were barefoot and oblivious, living with it! My eldest son is pretty pleased that he has a nice high loft bed. :laugh: Oh, I wish! A noisy, obvious snake would be my preference. Not keen on these 'silent but deadly' ones. Thanks Tassie. Thanks Dust Bunny. Still feel a bit sick when my mind wanders to all of the 'what ifs.' Good old suburban Perth Mim. We are 10 minutes south of Fremantle. We've lived in this house for 12 years, and had never seen a snake in our house/yard until the last few months. Have now had 2 snakes removed, found one squished on the road in front of our house, and there was the one that got away in October. All adult dugites. I can only assume that our neighbours' rat problem has attracted a plague of snakes. I've had limited success in trapping the rats that venture into our yard. Bruno has killed a few. I'm at my wits end. Thanks Westiemum.
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