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  1. Ok, if I have to just pick one thing I love about my dog, it's his sense of humour. I swear, Boxers have a sense of humour. We have to be careful about what we laugh at, because Bruno will do it again, bigger and better, with a silly grin on his squishy face! Loving everyone's photos. I particularly like yours Red Fox, on their dinosaur blankie.
  2. I double bag it, and carry it home in my dog walking belt/bag thingy (has a separate waterproof compartment for my keys and phone). Occasionally I find a council bin, but I wouldn't put it in someone elses wheelie bin. I just wish more people in my area would bother to pick up their dogs' poo. Landmines everywhere!
  3. Well, thankfully not a tale about me, but my husband. I caught him scraping the stuck bits off a baking dish, and licking the spoon in the kitchen one night. I was horrified. I had just cooked up Bruno's batch of food, using pet-grade meat. He said afterwards that it was a bit bland. Needed some salt and pepper...
  4. Happy 15th birthday gorgeous Nelsson! Sooooooo, 15 and all grown up now? Or still the eternal Boxer puppy, just with a grey face? Beach and cake, sounds like a lovely day.:D
  5. Well said OSoswift. Frankly, all the bull-breed bashing on the forum lately is getting tiresome. And spare a thought for the OP, who started this thread on a positive note. Yet again, it descends into this. The third breed-denigrating thread in as many days.
  6. I'm a bit late to the party, but happy Gotcha Day Stanley. Love your pointy nose and endless antics. I hope mum gave you a pie!
  7. Kelpiecuddles my dog tends to have a dry skin and coat because of his allergies and isn't able to digest added dietary oils very well. The dermatologist vet recommended diluting 10ml of QV bath oil into a 400ml spray bottle of warm water and spritzing him daily. His final rinse after bathing is also diluted QV bath oil. QV products are for people with sensitive skin/ eczema etc. and are available from pharmacies. Pretty sure they are perfume-free. We also apply Paws Essential 6 oil spot-on after bathing him (that might be overkill in a dog without allergies though). This is enough to balance Bruno's skin and coat and he doesn't feel oily or attract dirt using this much. :)
  8. Well, I think it's a good list, especially to give kids some clear guidelines. Obviously all dogs are different (particularly if it's your interaction with your own dog) but it's a good rule of thumb list. My dog isn't keen on head pats or hugs by anyone outside our household. He will actively seek my OH, the kids or myself out for snuggles and ear rubs (and sleeps with his head in our laps on the couch). However he quickly moves away from visitors/ strangers zooming in for a head pat. Just not keen. He is more affectionate with regular visitors. He is more likely to bring them squeaky toys than seek out a pat though. :laugh:
  9. We don't have family here, and don't go away often but if we do, my dog boards with his breeder. For an overnight/ weekend trip I have also had a friend look after my dog at her house. She has a bitch of the same breed who mine gets along well with, and who has recently become an only dog. That worked quite well for all of us too.
  10. Most butchers will have rabbit and duck - Rabbit costs around $27 per bunny, Duck around $20 per bird. The pet meat supplier I buy from in O'conner had whole (well almost, skinned and gutted) rabbit for $15 the other day. Just a heads up if anyone in Perth is interested. Probably worth phoning first to see if they still have any left, South St Pet Supplies ph: (08) 93378599. I buy goat meat and roo tails there too. Just out of interest Darcy&Zoe, where did you buy the goat? I find it hard to get goat bones, and would be keen to find a regular supply of them. :)
  11. Yes they tend to mature differently even between sexes, imo. You could still consider a Boxer. :D I'm a new fan of boxers since seeing this the other day http://youtu.be/Hly0vuXPG-M Love that video, mine was much quieter when he tried the trampoline. :laugh: I agree with others who suggested the CKCS. I know a handful of families with young kids who have them. Wonderful little dogs.
  12. Love their faces, such good sports. Sometimes, dogs remind me of the good in the world, when all else looks bleak.
  13. Love your dogs Grumpette. I found a slobby photo (photo credits go to Clemevi, whose gorgeous dog is in the background):
  14. I wouldn't be horrified ( I might be a bit relieved that it didn't worry you, especially if my dog had just 'friended' you with slobber). :laugh: I can't believe that I don't have a single slobbery photo of Bruno. A tidy Boxer. Oh the shame!
  15. Oh Stanley. Genius has a new name! :laugh: And Maddy does have her assassin eyes on in that pic. Be afraid birds, be very afraid!
  16. Hi Steve, I will PM you my email address, I definitely would like to see the discussion paper.
  17. I know of a couple of different Boxer breeders who also own Griffon Bruxellois. They're smart little dogs who are small enough to be picked up, but are sturdy enough to cope with bigger dogs. A smooth coat Griffon would require less grooming than a rough.
  18. I'm sorry about Digby's lymphoma Raineth, but I'm glad you're able to give him pred every day. May every day be as happy and comfortable as possible for him.
  19. Yes, I second this idea. Pick up a sample jar from a pharmacy for the stool sample. Drop it to your vet for testing prior to your appointment. I've done this a few times.
  20. Oh DD, so sorry for your loss. RIP dear little Myrtie.
  21. I have a young dog who is undergoing ASIT (allergen specific immuno-therapy) through a Dermatologist. Treatment normally goes for a few years, he's had about 18 months of treatment so far, so still early days for us. I do think some of the other parts of the treatment plan are very helpful in alleviating symptoms (eg. antihistamines).
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