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  1. Lovely to meet you both, Katdogs and T. Glad you finally got some Borzoi cuddles, aren't they just divine?!? I think Broker and Splash enjoyed giving the smooches to everyone as much as those on the receiving end. They were so well behaved all day ( and it was a looooong day!) :-) I'll be back there next Monday for General Specials to cheer on my breeder's Borzoi - I'm hoping I might have a chance to venture further afield than the dog pavilion and show bag hall lol. EFS & fat finger typos
  2. So shocked and sorry to read what's happened Hazy Wal! An absolutely dreadful occurrence that no person or dog should ever have to go through. Sending lots of healing thoughts to you, Maddie and Stan.
  3. Katdogs - they are beautiful beautiful dogs! Usually at this show we are benched along the back of the hall, on the outer edge where the public walk, opposite the stalls that are along the back wall selling grooming gear etc. I'll be the the lady with the dark hair and blue glasses stealing as many cuddles from the Borzois as I can :-)
  4. I'll be there on the 11th, being the hitching post and strapper for some friends with their Borzois :-)
  5. I was quite surprised when it was my vet that brought up titre testing as something to consider in the future for my boy with allergy/ immune system issues. (my boy is on the 3 yearly regime, so don't have to consider it until 2015).
  6. Oh gosh Flashsmum, that must have been so scary! Fingers crossed for a good recovery for Harry.
  7. I've just ordered some through Vet Products Direct. I got the 6 pack Blue (X Large Dogs 25+ kg) - price for 1box is $81.18, or if you order 2 or more at the one time, they come down to $64.89 each, plus $5.95 postage. Delivery is always super fast, and their service is fantastic. With applying the Advantix pretty much fortnightly over summer on 2 dogs, the saving of $32 on buying 2 packs is a blessing!
  8. BOB Borzoi - Aust Sup Ch Kenibea Th Chosen One (Jordan)
  9. Four Paws Pet Grooming is a good one. Ros is based outside Maitland, but does all over Newcastle, Lake Mac and into the Hunter Valley as well. She is great with dogs of all sizes, ages and temperaments. I think the phone no. is (02) 4932 6308.
  10. Big stainless metal cooking pots - the ones that are used for stocks and soups. They are good and solid, as well as being tall and narrow (but stable) meaning the dogs can't get their paws in to dig - not that MacDuff would even think of it as he believes his toes will drop off if they ever get wet. :)
  11. Oh poor sweet thing. Hope she continues to improve and gets to go home soon k9angel
  12. So sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Joey, running happy and pain free.
  13. Oh, that's not good Cat. Best wishes to you and you dog and fingers crossed that it's not too bad.
  14. I can wholeheartedly recommend Phillip Adams at Brunker Road Vets in Adamstown. He has been so thorough in investigating and treating MacDuff's allergy issues, which he thought could have had an underlying auto-immune issue. Very happy with him and the rest of the staff there. Is it one of your animals you are asking for Cat? If so, I hope they're ok.
  15. No worries. I'm still trying to find a local one to me in Newcastle for adding to my list :)
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