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  1. Aww and she's so pretty too. She looks really enthusiastic, well done for making it fun.
  2. With Jake I had to teach him to do something, he didn't seem to have that "initiate" button. So initially I just went to the kitchen, where we normally train (and I wonder why he's food obsessed) and clicked him for the first thing he did, think it was looking at the fridge. Next day I tipped the box off the counter and then clicked for looking at it. There's a certain point at which I can see Jake has lost interest versus is trying to work it out. I think it took a few days of tipping the box off and clicking that first look before he worked it out. I always have his treats on the counter where he can see them so he sort of knows that we abandoned because of lack of effort rather than we had finished with a treat shower. He will try and get me to go back but two of us can play the stubborn game.
  3. Farewell Zeddy, condolences to you tenderlicks.
  4. Call pet resorts australia, their trainers do home visits and are reasonably priced.
  5. I akways pee before walking. Hank used to carry on outside the bathroom door anytime I went after about 3 pm. He would stamp his feet, turn curckes and bark. Once he got older he stopped caring what time it was or who was in the bathroom. Visitors were often surprised by the barking whirling dervish blocking their exit from the bathroom.
  6. Pet resorts australia. I go to the one in Dural and they have one in terrigal. Highly recommend them, I train there weekly and my norty dog has stayed there three times and come home better behaved each time.
  7. Could Justice have arthritis. About 7 months ago Jake started being a bit odd. Not coming upstairs tipped me off that he could have joint pain so we started on cartrophen and he picked up. He was sort of edgy, wanting a cuddle but then pulling away and going off and hiding. I love Jakes collar so much I have thought of having a belt made but I'm probably a bit beyond that stage.
  8. love it grumpette, rotties are definitely photogenic.
  9. Jake had to ride a skateboard this morning at training????
  10. Thanks grumpette for the kind words. Now you know you're going to have to post photos if the big dude in a box????
  11. Thanks guys that good to know positive experiences. Since he's 8 which is old -ish for a bulldog I'm thinking even if he did get cancer then the non-itchy quality rather than quantity of life would be better. We have sir Walter buffalo, I actually had him great in summer and only having honey that I get from up the road, no anti-histamines or cortisone spray at all. We have just come through a rough patch and are on a high level maintenance at the moment. For Jake that's slightly pink skin in his groin and tummy but no broken skin or bumps. He will scratch when bored but isn't constantly at it. So if I'm in the garden he gets a bed with mat to lie on and a bone to chew, when we come in he will have a paw wash and tummy and face wipe. Since he's an inside dog it's not that hard to limit his grass time.
  12. He is on concrete I kennels, gets a small amount of time on grass for training. He can't be near other dogs so he stays in a special suite. We do lots of skin management but it's the trade off between diminishing his immune system function and the possible cancer and infection risk that carries versus having a non-itchy dog that doesn't need all the lotions and potions and constant washing.
  13. Jake has persistent itchiness. When he's been in kennels he comes home perfectly clean skinned and non itchy, after this time in kennels we spent two days inside and he was fine. First day out in the garden and he was red and itchy within two hours so I think it's safe to say he's allergic to grass. We have done all the elimination diets etc. The vet has suggested cyclosporine but I've read the potential side effects and I'm hesitating. At eight years old and on Prozac permanently I feel more drugs might be too much for his organs. He already gets ear problems so I'm not keen on that and I'm terrified of the cancer risk but then I realise that being constantly itchy must be awful. If this could eliminate his itchiness then is it worth the risk?
  14. It's such a shame, poor Justice. 101 things will hopefully make him confident as it did for Jake. We have some odds and ends to play with at home, hoops taped together to stand in and step through. Cones that we weave between, a tunnel I got for $10 at lincraft, a touch pad that he puts bits on. Hopefully the Prozac keeps doing its job and you can get out and about again.
  15. Box training gave Jake confidence and even two years later every cardboard box must be done something to. This Friday we had a line of cardboard boxes at training and he was super keen to get on and over them. At one point he and his girlfriend were happily about a meter away, completely loose leash. I actually hadn't thought about it but now I'm wondering if he was so relaxed because of all his positive associations with cardboard boxes?
  16. You might find that the dog has bothered a few people. Since I own a reactive dog this situation is my worst nightmare, I keep my dog double leashed but in the past this meant I got bitten by a roaming dog. Please report, you may be saving someone like me.
  17. I wish him well. Poor dog must be over the moon.
  18. Right pooh hunt is on. Are Rotties just the most obliging photo op dogs or do you always have a camera handy grumpette. I love the crazy eyes. Jakes latest round of suffering involved having me sleep on his derrière. He was first in bed and laid himself across the pillows. I'm not too discerning so just plonked my head down on whatever cushy space was available. Nice and toasty warm it was.
  19. Haha grumpette, live the nacho. I'm in for a great Pooh hunt. I have three local recycling shops that stock toys.
  20. He outdid himself today. He always goes through the grocery bags as I'm unpacking them. Today he found his treat stash, so I unwrapped a new branded one and he happily bounced off to the couch to eat it. Apparently it was rubbish so he came back, fetched a packet of his favourite ones and bounced off to dad to ask him to open the packet. Yes this is the same dog that excuses himself from doing a sustained hold on an object because it hurts his flappy gums.
  21. Haha Jake wasn't allowed to eat until commanded....so he refused to eat out a bowl. Now he has me trained to make him do tricks until his food is gone. He has a licking bits room, jumps off the bed, clickty clacks down the passage and licks his bits on the shag rug in the spare room. Poor darling Had to endure having a guest in his licking room this week and had to lick his bits in the freezing passage. Very loudly.
  22. Jake had his first training session since he was sick. He did very well with the cattle dog we have been training with. At one point she was up on a box, I had just intended to walk him past the lower platform that was next to the box that we had previously used to put front paws on. As we went past he just automatically went to put his paws up so I let him. This put him right near her back end and he half stretched his neck out to do what could have been the beginning of a butt sniff. I wasn't quite confident to let him actually sniff although Lynette also thought it was more of a sniff than the beginning of a lunge. I guess I just need to catch up to Jake in confidence. We decided to follow our helper dog out of the shed. Normally we just go to a corner and have treats so as to end on a good note. Jake is very poor at generalising, as soon as we were outside our previously acceptable buddy became very scary. Good progress though as he was quite happy to walk past her indoors , he gave her a hard look each time we passed but then bought himself back without any leash pressure, slowly he is starting to make good decisions.
  23. Jakes life is dreadfully upsetting. I turn over in bed at night and that forces him to adjust his head position from my shoulder to the back of my neck, sometimes he has to stand up to do this.
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