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  1. The extra Soft palate isn't affected by the snout length and unfortunately doesn't seem something that had been deliberately selected for. My purebred Bulldogs breeder was very particular about selecting for this and his dogs had great breathing. I was pretty shocked by Jakes breathing and snoring when I first got him, unbelievable that people would let a dog suffer for 4 years and even after surgery his breathing isn't as good as my first two were.
  2. I believe paperwork has been submitted to ANKC for Bosdogs, but that's not an organization that all breeders of Aussie Bulldogs belong to so it can be quite variable. A lot I have seen look more like short Boxers and seem to have little in common personality-wise with Bulldogs. At least once they are registered it will mean people know what they're getting.
  3. Trying but failing not to take the bait????. There are health issues associated with Bulldogs but I've had two purebreds from a good breeder and now my crossbred. When I got my purebreds they were adult and unfit. I walked them everyday and a lot of the visible health issues disappeared. As they got fitter and leaner their breathing improved and they became quite agile. Jake came to me underweight and as he has gained muscle he has become quite athletic, a rubbish jumper but a great climber. Those wideset shoulders actually help him pull himself up over boulders, it creates a different kind of action, he pulls himself up rather than jumping. I really believe a lot of the health issues of Bulldogs are caused by being overweight and under excercised as I've been told by other owners that you shouldn't walk your bulldog????. Yes I have a tattoo and a bulldog and he wears a spiky collar, I must be so intimidating. If you've ever actuallt spent time with a bulldog then you would understand that they are not just a dog, they are an experience. ETA there's no such breed as a "Chinese pug", all pugs originate from China, apparently it's a marketing ploy that he bought.
  4. Thinking about where that was its quite likely that those sleepers aw holding back a bit of built up soil and to have either a flower bed or a bit of long grass against that corner. A dog wouldn't expect a human arm at ground level, an eight year old arm at ground level coming through undergrowth would look a lot like a large lizard.
  5. I always assumed he was the bulldozer type Dozer, although he is quite athletic looking. Fatso had a lot of fun playing on his new toys at training. He is remarkably sure footed and much better behaved when he is doing something. He was able to walk across narrow raised planks after about 5 tries and also able to walk sideways with his front on the plank and his back on the ground. We also had some little kids stepping stools that have non slip rubber underneath and he easily stepped from one to another over 4 which I Would think would be tricky because they are quite narrow. He had a standard poodle distractor dog and he did get upset a few times but called himself off and got back on task quite quickly. Right now he has a broken dew claw that he won't let me near, even with OH holding him he nearly bit so I'm hoping the quick will retreat and I'll be able to trim the broken bit in a few days. Of course it had to happen when I was carless and can't get to the vet.
  6. She's written it but I think there's quite a few of these type of people around.
  7. I dont really understand. Yes a lot of breeds have a working and show line. So what? The function of the show dogs is to be pleasing to the judges and win rosettes. To me that's ok, some people have the hobby of dog showing. He may be slightly confused about keg-on-legs bull dogs ever having been bred to chase animals, they were bred to fight close quarters, today's versions are modified. Again they please some people and that's their job. I'm no working-dog lover and I don't find the terrier type appealing but I understand there are people who like that kind of dog. I just love my boof heads, the more keg the better. The job of most dogs nowadays is to please their owners, luckily they come in all types.
  8. I'm still seething today, although slightly pacified by a trip to ikea to buy lots of boxes and stepping stools to make interesting things to climb on and over at training. I got some little curved steps to place in a snake to climb along, that should give him something to think about rather than trying to bark at everyone.
  9. Annoying experience 999 today. I saw a large dog across from me at a traffic light but decided that we could handle it since the crossing was quite wide. I didn't see the two additional flexi-leashed fluffies until they came yapping through the crowd of people as we were in the middle of the street and had to go from doing a quiet peanut butter-lured walk past into a yelling, shrieking middle-of-a -six- lanehighway crowded with people fiasco. I dragged yelling Jake across the road and then stopped to do LAT and then copped a verbal bashing about my "unsafe" pit bull from an old man. Instead of telling him to rack off I became all grovelly and pitiful. I'm so cross with myself, my dog has every right to walk unchallenged down the road. Whilst he was the loudest participant in the whole fiasco he didn't start it and he was the most under control, safely restrained dog.
  10. Pet resorts have a terrigal branch. I Train at and love the Dural branch. I'm sure the trainers will be as good at Terrigal.
  11. I think a dog on leash is always going to react more to an off leash rushing at them. It's pretty Unfair of their owners to allow it but I'm guessing there wasn't too much recall involved. We had a tragic session this week. Jake just doesn't generaluse plus whenever I teach him something he seems to twist the lesson. I've been experimenting with not plying him up on the first linge so basically if he lunges he gets "punished" by having to be closer to the dog. So this has worked well for really enhancing his avoid response except now he seems to have decided it's an either or decision. So he either takes off in the opposite direction (lovely) or decides to really go for a committed charge( not so lovely). After I've pulled him up he will then look at me and expect a reward for stopping. So basically on Friday he was a turd but ended up getting half a jar of peanut butter. Anyway we have decided to be tougher this week so he'll get an "Onya" for stopping being a turd but peanut butter only if he has a hassle free encounter. I'm really rubbish at being hard on him but he's so quick to lunge out and sometimes when I'm restraining him I don't think he even recognises me.
  12. You might want to think about cyclosporin. The relief of not having to constantly battle itchy dog is quite something.
  13. A bit of artfully applied duct tape?
  14. I think there's a fear period around that age. Nehkbet or one of the mal people will be able to tell you how to handle it.
  15. My old Hank was a gentleman but when he got arthritis I took im to the groomers as he was too big for me o lift into the bath and he couldn't get in by himself anymore. When he point blank refused to go past the first groomers shop door after one groom there I knew they must have done something wrong. I tried a mobile service but they wouldn't let me watch and I had to rescue my yelping, half washed man from the back of the truck. then I tried a clam shell with kettles of boiled water for a while but it was terrible in winter. One day I met a lovely lady at the park, she ran a little salon and would give me a call when she only had a few littlies in and we would walk up for a wash and dry. She was happy for me to stay and after that I decided anyone who wont let the owner stay wouldn't get my business.
  16. Phew,what a relief. Its terrible to go through those patches when you just think it's not going to get any better. I do love the monkey bandanna. I hadn't thought of a bandanna accessory, might need to get some groovy fabric.
  17. Oh that's excellent, hopefully it was the prozac and now he will start to go forward. Maybe blink blink washed him in pixie dust.
  18. I was in a similar situation 4 years ago, although at only 26kg not quite as weighty. NILIF will teach her that you are the font of everything good and to get it she has to offer a behaviour. I taught Jake lots of tricks because it gave me some positive behaviours to ask for and watching your boof head play dead is fun. 101things to do with a box will let you start working as a team and give you insight into her learning style. She has been trained to use her weight so I Woukd never ever go there, lots of patience and making like a rock if she starts pulling, just stand there and ignore her until she sits and gives you attention. Abandon training sessions if you have to because she won't do it your way. Just take your treats and walk off. The message is we play my way or we don't play. Get a trainer you can work with. Find out as much as you can about your breed temperament and then find a trainer who is comfortable to work with. You should look forward to going to training not dread it. I went through a lot of trainers, I needed hand holding on a weekly basis and I wanted someone who was prepared to deal with me and not make me feel like a stupid old woman with an intractable dog. You might only need a few sessions or you might want a club with weekly sessions or a private trainer. Do what works for you. Good luck, I've only seen one of these dogs before but I think they're beautiful.
  19. Did you give him a nice glitter top coat blink blink? That's great he had a good outing and a good nights sleep.
  20. Just in the interest of learning, what are the signs of stress? I know people read Jake wrong which I'm not sure is because he's a bulldog or a nut or people are stupid.
  21. Jake wakes me by licking my eyes and forehead, no idea why he added the forehead bit. Maybe he's trying to undo the wrinkles he's given me. He has great puppy smelling breath so it's not that bad just a bit startling first thing in the morning. Stressy I think labs just lick incase someone has left a smear or crumb of food somewhere. Isn't it the job of every well bred lab to leave no crumb unhoovered?
  22. Thanks Scottsmum, dog people get it????
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