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  1. Obsessed With Chooks

    Maybe make a yard away from the labs for the chickens or just find them a new home, the chickens and lab won't be able to relax unless they can't see each other.
  2. Oldest Dog You've Met?

    The Dingo cross was a big boy.
  3. Oldest Dog You've Met?

    A 1 month off being 22 year old Dingo cross called 'Brownie'. Poor fella died by getting his head stuck in a broken fence hole, the owner's were devastated as he was still really spritely.
  4. Did I Do The Right Thing?

    I got rushed by a big mastiff cross that jumped a tiny fenced yard just the other day. I screamed and yelled and waved my arms until it stopped and the owner came out, the owner called it back and grabbed it. I then went home and called the ranger as that dog wasn't messing around and if I had been someone else with a touch less authority I would have been in trouble. I never let off lead dogs approach mine unless I know the dog well. I look like an idiot making it leave but I would rather that than an altercation.
  5. Advice Needed - Incident With My Labrador

    Until you see a qualified and good behaviourist you are doing the right thing by not taking her to off lead places. This is why I hate dog parks because we are in less control of the situation as a whole and unable to always know exactly where things went wrong. Going by what you have said only, your dog seems to be intolerant of other dogs and because of this you need to have her professionally assessed so you can better manage and understand her in similar situations. Good luck with your dog and a big thumbs up for seeking advice. Where are you located, people on here may be able to point you in the direction of a good behaviourist/trainer in your area.
  6. Ethical rescue only or desex them before finding a private home for them. Good luck
  7. Licking The Floor:

    I've seen this is old dogs, usually it ends up being dementia as Maree has stated. I would suggest a vet visit to make sure though.
  8. My Dog Just Stares At Me - A Lot!

    5 minutes, you're lucky lol. My kelpie, Maybe will stare at me constantly, she's so intense.
  9. Boy 9 Seriously Injured In Dog Attack

    I was walking the maremma and bullarab type dog last night. I was obviously trying to intimidate everyone and flexing my girlish muscles. :laugh:
  10. A Topic I Read On Fb About ' Rescues'

    Definitions of words evolve as the world evolves. It's up to a vet who they give discounts to.
  11. Can Someone Help!

    What did the x-rays show> Was there air or fluid? Perhaps an Ultrasound or CT would reveal more. ETA: it could be an allergic reaction. I've seen hives get really really large.
  12. Do You Find This Video Funny ?

    Acting like a typical stubborn teenager, didn't look stressed to me just annoyed at being moved :laugh:
  13. Boy 9 Seriously Injured In Dog Attack

    Totally agree.
  14. Peppi From Cootamundra

    Maybe try some steamed chicken and rice with a bit of watered down chicken stock for flavour or even recovery tins from the vet? he's probably anxious as well as still feeling pretty seedy
  15. New Puppy

    Is there any way you can leave him at the breeder's until the work is over. Vaccination isn't just about being in contact with other dogs but the general environment as well.
  16. Relocating To Sydney

    milbemax or drontal for worms, advantix (as long they aren't near cats) and a heartworm blood test then proheart if all clear. ETA: You still need to check for ticks when living in a tick-prone area. Western NSW isn't known for paralysis ticks, they're more a coastal thing. So if you go walking in any natural areas check them whether they ahve treatment on or not. Advantix also does fleas.
  17. This May Make You Rethink Flying Your Dog..

    I've sent dogs on flights to rescue before and it's always nerve-racking but touch wood they've all been fine. The only time I've ever had a problem was 4 years ago I had my maremma flown down and I drove 3 hours to the airport and he wasn't there. They neglected to tell me that the flight didn't have room so they had him in boarding overnight. I was not happy as I had to call off morning work the next day to drive down again and get him.
  18. Dogs And Watermelon

    I have video of Torque eating watermelon, she loves it!
  19. Thank you everyone. I'm so glad so many people are seeing it, hopefully it will help bring exposure. :D
  20. I called her "Talk' the day I got the paper and she still came :laugh:
  21. Yeah, that's why I did it. Great exposure for the pound and rescue. Gives people an idea of how to help.
  22. New Bag, Same Food Still Gets Diarrhea

    I have friends that use this My link and their dogs seem to do well on it. I highly advise speaking to your vet though as they and you know the dog much better than forum peeps. Good luck and I hope it all clears up.
  23. :laugh: I know. Oh well.