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  1. Just saw she is wanting to take the dog back with her, just let me know her time frame and Ill get it done before that.
  2. That's right near me, happy to do it next time I am there probably within next 5 days (at the most) if that's okay?
  3. Maybe your own dog, but they're renowned for pissing off if not fenced in well. As far as I know they "piss off" mostly in an attempt to increase their territory, not to find a completely new abode. I also thought they would be likely to return to their charges? Some do, some don't. Depends on the dog, you can't pigeon hole them all in to doing what is expected. You are lucky you don't live in my area. A roaming dog gets shot. My point is that they should be well fenced, as should any dog. But some LGD's in particular are good at testing fences.
  4. My daughter taking her very first steps, the dog just knew, I don't know how but he did - very intuitive breed. Great dogs to have a tea party with.
  5. Having had Dobes and Rotties before, I've found Dobes more work. I think Ridgeys would be a good bet. Like you say, you are after a deterrent, having a dog who will actually bite is a different ball game and a whole other story when it comes to the responsibility that comes with a bitey dog.
  6. Maybe your own dog, but they're renowned for pissing off if not fenced in well.
  7. Comfortis all the way for fleas. Advantage started to lose efficacy for my lot.
  8. I wouldn't rush out and put her to sleep. It just depends on how much time you have on your side to wait for her new home. She sounds like a typical SBT to me. She reminds me of my girl. It's just a matter of finding her the right home. I think the weight guess could be a bit off though? She weighs less than my small Pug! My SBT is tiny too, the runt of the litter - smaller than yours in the photo. I wouldn't surrender her to a rescue. I would try to rehome her myself (as you are).
  9. That's great news!! It was about this time each year he would post photos of his dogs in Xmas gear out visiting people. A small victory for his family who have already suffered enough.
  10. Liberty are good, strong quality tables. However the one I prefer using is a cheap Ebay one which I've had more than 8 yrs. I have three Liberty ones and they are made to last forever plus fold up, I just don't have one that suits me height wise.
  11. Sorry Erny, maybe I didnt get mine from there. But yes, to both your questions. I may have bought mine direct from Liberty? http://www.libertyinternational.com.au/tables.html
  12. I think Pet Network have Liberty tables. They have a website.
  13. She was left in the tub for 20 minutes? Poor thing. It's not fair on her but not exactly report worthy like someone suggested. Mishandling of the cat though, I wouldnt have been comfortable with that either.
  14. I have heard of the cage washing but I think it sounds frightening for the poor cat. I have seen these mesh sort of bags which hold the cat that water would run through, they would be less scary. That being said, I would never have a groomer wash my cats, I think just the whole thing, new place, other cats, dogs etc would be too stressful. I get people all the time asking if I'd groom their cats and rabbits, I always say no.
  15. I used Aloveen for about 5 yrs in my business and didn't ever have an issue. However, I have read a lot on here about itchy dogs from Aloveen so I would definitely try a different shampoo.
  16. My Pug is hands down the most energetic dog Ive ever had. And I've had Staffords and Rotties! Don't be lulled in to thinking you are getting an easy house dog :laugh: Alvin is three and not showing any signs of slowing down. He scares me - he's mental :laugh:
  17. I have done this tonnes of times and rarely have issues. Older dogs usually give pups a 'puppy license' ie forgive their annoying ways etc. I have done it with lots of different breeds too. You plan on desexing the dog once the puppy license runs outs, I can't see it being a problem. People do it all the time. Sure, issues prop up but I have had just as many dog to bitch disagreements, or castrated to castrated disagreements - just depends on their nature.
  18. I fostered one once and fell soooo much in love with him. Would have loved to have kept him but a loving home with other Pekes popped up which was more suitable. Beautiful dogs.
  19. I have a dog out front. Initially he used to go nuts at our local fox but I have noticed now his barking is much more half hearted. The fox doesnt skulk around, he just sits there confidentiality and stares. I think the dog is so used to this Mr Fox now that he sees him as less as an 'unusual threat'. This has given Mr Fox more confidence IMO, and yesterday he had a 20 minute window scaling two fences and took one of my ducks.
  20. I'm truly sorry for your loss, she was a gorgeous girl living the good life.
  21. I hope your pyjama pants received appropriate counseling.... I've been bitten, other people have been bitten, wildlife been eaten, stock (farm pets) been eaten. All different dogs, all managed appropriately after their first sin.
  22. I think the difference is some people just don't know the difference IYKWIM. I have first time clients come in and straight away I comment that their dog has been clipped off before. Their owners are surprised that I can tell and say they can't tell at all. Often though, they struggle to maintain the coats from here on in as they matt so much more easily. Common one is border collies where other groomers shave their bums off. Drives me mental. I even remember here on this forum swearing black and blue that shaving double coats made no difference. Over the past ten or so years Ive certainly learned to eat those words! I shaved one of my MAremmas last year thinking she won't live long enough for the regrowth so a wrecked coat wouldn't matter. Boy do I regret it now, I will do it again soon as her coat is just so crap now. Extra thick and matty down the sides and thin down her back.
  23. Peugeot 4007 ticks all your boxes. It has a huge boot and the back seats fold down making it even bigger. http://www.peugeot.com.au/showroom/4007/suv/#! I bought mine new about a yr and a bit ago and have been really happy with it, best car I've had.
  24. I don't think I should say publicly just how far I would go if someone did this to my dog! :mad
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