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They're Here!


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I met the puppies :(:love::love: (And laffi too :rolleyes: )

I didn't get too much of a chance to get close and cuddly as poor LP was trying to wrangle a very strong and fit Dalmatian who just wanted to do his own thing :eat:

I think I like the boy, though, with all that amazing attitude :rofl: but there are a couple of very purrdy girls that I like the look of too :eat:

Hey, Bub! laffi likes us better and is staying longer :eat:

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I've decided that stacking puppies is an art in itself :wave:

LP - it's actually easier to see more when they're just running amok, especially with all that fluff to cover up their angulation. Piglet needs a more girly name....she's quite a looker!

ETA: Some lovely group photos but the out-takes are fantastic :rofl:

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