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Fire Warning For Vic


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Its been completely still all day here. I just went outside because there I could see the trees moving in a breeze. There is smoke haze everywhere and it smells really strong. I'm not sure where its coming from. We're in Mornington. There aren't any significant fires near us so it could be from any of the hundreds anywhere in the state, i guess.

I'm a bit of a worry wort because we were caught in the Ash Wednesday fires many years ago. The smell of smoke gives me the heeby jeebies.

Tomorrow is going to be bloody scary. Stay safe everyone.

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Hope everyone has this tab up: http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/#now

A bit worried about the Grampians as I have friends there.

I find this really hard to read. All the symbols overlay each other and it's hard to know what's underneath. I've got friends in the Grampians, Bacchus Marsh, Bendigo, Heathcote and Rubicon. All those areas could be affected with a change in the wind, not to mention where I live in the Yarra Valley. I just wish Saturday would come soon with no loss of life or property before then.


click the right side Victoria then can click Fire List and gives you more of a listing and bit easier to read than some sites

the SA site if anyone needs it also


or the site 1st posted also is good

Stay safe everyone

certainly has been a stinker and nasty day

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I've had a brainwave to help keep me cool. Those absorbant cloths used for drying dogs and cleaning cars etc. I've wet 2 of them and put them in the fridge in a tub :laugh: I've just put one round my neck now, it's pretty good, and when it warms up too much I'll stick it back in the fridge and grab the other one out. :D

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I think that would be too cold. :laugh: I dont want to get frostbite in a heatwave. No one would believe me.

The cloth is working well though, I've still got the same one around my neck and it's still cool.

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Try the freezer!

.... put whatever (cloths, t-shirt) in a plastic bag & secure tightly. So no wet ice bits. Can get creative with packs of frozen veggies, too.

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