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I buy my dry food and raw/snap frozen(roo steaks etc to make soft treats) from Pet Meat Suppliers in Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn

They have a few dried treat listed on the website, but may have more in shop.

For dried training treats I buy from Happy Paws Training Treats even though it's over east, I usually get the treats in a few days :D

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I recently bought roo jerky and roo bones from HowzYa Dog (dreadful name :laugh: :laugh: ) via ebay and despite orders coming in the one parcel, I was charged separate postage :mad .

I prefer to be able to see the product I am buying, but decided to take a punt and am very happy with the product. They have a large range of product.

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Lemon Slice absolutely my favourite desert :eat::eat::eat: - closely followed by Creme Brulee, Chocolote Mousse, Ice Cream, Carrot Cake with inch thick icing ..... Oh FFS let's face it, I love them all :cry::cry: .

Haha - you sound like me! Don't forget pavlova though!

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