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Little Red Man’S Roller Coaster Journey:

Loving my Oldies

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Well DDD, I mentioned that Danny looked so much like my Aunt's Benny. We lost Benny this week too. He was 16 years and 8 months. I think he was the most loved member of our extended family. He had similar health problems as your Danny too. Two little fluffballs in our hearts.

I am sorry to hear that, JayGee.

Danny was a cross breed, but obviously part Finnish Spitz. His body coat colour was still a glorious red, albeit shot through with grey. Have you posted a photo of Benny?

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I haven't DDD, I must look on my mobile, haven't got any on my tablet. I'm a bit worried about my Aunt, as she's on her own and Benny was her only pet. We chatted last time he was sick, that if she decided to get another dog, we would take it on if anything happened her. She's missed having a cat, as Benny wasn't good with cats. So she may go down that path. It's such a shock though, he had been so well lately.

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