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Little Red Man’S Roller Coaster Journey:

Loving my Oldies

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My precious Danny is sick today and the vet is very concerned. She is sure he isn’t in pain, just a very old and tired little fellow.

His back legs have been a bit wobbly for a while and a couple of weeks ago, they collapsed. Magic prednislone did its work, but for the past few days he has been only picking at his food and throwing up every couple of days.

He did an enormous throw up this morning and was having difficulty even sitting up. We have taken xrays and bloods; vet is not sure that he might have had a little stroke, thinks he might have a lung infection.

My heart is breaking, but I think we are reaching the end.

In healthier times:


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I'm sorry to hear about your little red man (and what a handsome fella he is)....fingers and paws crossed that he has a bit more time with you. :kissbetter:

Thanks Cazablanca. I hope so too.

DD after my last 24 hours my heart is breaking for you - you could have been describing my Mac - big hugs for you and your gorgeous little red man. hug.gif

Silly, I know, but I have always felt that as long as Mac was around so would be Danny, even though their situations are totally different - except for being old.

Danny hasn’t eaten well for several days, yet he weighed in at over 5.4k so we think he is retaining a lot of fluid. Hopefully the diuretics will help.

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Thank you all. He has managed to get to his feet and is tottering around after me ........ wagging his tail !! I’ve been in touch with the vet; another huge throw up; blood results not back yet and she wants to see them before advising further.

love from me who has two pretty-old takkas

I’ve always loved your sig photo <3

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