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Little Red Man’S Roller Coaster Journey:

Loving my Oldies

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And he has no idea how many grey hairs he's given you! Good news (about Danny, not the greys).

Well Danny is the one who has gone salt’n’red. For some unknown reason, my hair refuses to change colour, despite it having been on my head for nearly 70 years.

Such a relief. He has now finished licking out my pasta bowl, had some boiled chicken and, I don’t know about him, but I am ready to collapse on the couch.

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Thank you all - he is adorable and it is lucky I am retired so I have the time to be his slave :laugh:

:thumbsup: What a lovely picture (including the jacarandas. Danny looks like he's wondering what the fuss was all about, bless him.

Danny looks a bit confused these days because he has gone almost completely blind quite quickly :cry: . Readers of my other earlier threads about him might recall that he had to have a eye operation; although his vision has been impaired for quite some time, it wasn’t enough to trouble him, but quite suddenly just a few weeks ago, he was obviously having difficulties. To my horror, he even fell off the ramp one night so I don’t leave him downstairs alone anymore. I always take him down last thing at night, but he has also started imitating Bunter and going on the deck. If it keeps him safe, I can cope with that.

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We continue on as before. Danny has his up and downs as we inch towards his 17th Birthday (14th Gotcha Day on 22 February 2016). For quit a while now, he has not been interested in going for a walk, but yesterday afternoon there was no stopping him and he had a wonderful sniffing session. The walk took twice as long, but I was so happy to see him enjoying it that the others just had to grin and bear it. :laugh: :laugh:

Here he is this morning checking that the outside world is still there:


And here he is making his way back to mumma:


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Magnificent boy DD - and such a credit to you - 17 years!!!

That is if the pound was correct in assessing him at 3 years then. Even so, he is a grand age. I remember so clearly the day I first saw him sitting up the back of the pound run, shaking like a leaf. There was a little flutter in my stomach and because my precious Nammu had died of cancer only 5 weeks previously, I thought to myself tearily, “Oh no! It is too soon.”

He’d come in the night before and once all the other dogs had had their walks and I was tidying up, I told him I take him for a quick walk around the block. He was such a happy lively fellow and for some unknown reason, I started singing to myself the song “Danny Boy” ....... hence his name :laugh: :laugh:

Because I’d been a volunteer with a pound for some years by this time, the next weekend they agreed to letting me take him home to foster - and to be incredibly original: the rest is history.

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Dear old man. He's standing remarkably nice and tall on his feet .. if you know what I mean .. looks as though he's still physically quite strong, bless him. :)

His back right leg is very weak; the vet thinks it is neurological because he can’t find signs of pain. A couple of times lately Danny hasn’t been able to stand and has collapsed into a sitting position. The first time it happened I raced off down to the vet in a total panic, but when it happened a few days ago, because it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time, and once he’d steadied, he could stand, I just watched him very closely and every so often carried him downstairs to toilet and after a few hours he was okay. “Okay” is a bit wobbly, but still pretty good.

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