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Little Red Man’S Roller Coaster Journey:

Loving my Oldies

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I do love Danny updates.

You're both so lucky to have each other.

I love GIVING Danny updates - could talk about him (and the others) forever :love::love:

We'll I for one will take as many as you can give. I'm all ears, uh, eyes...

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Danny’s eating habits are enough to drive me to an early grave. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a few of K9Angel’s wonderful homemade doggy biscuits while cleaning out the dogs’ cupboard. Danny started snuffling around and polished off a few. So, I rushed to the computer to order a variety of bix and, guess what? He won’t touch them!! One of the foods I could always rely on to tempt him was beef jerky. Once I replenished supplies ...... he won’t touch them now.

However, I did share some of my pizza base with him this evening and he just loved that :eat: :eat:

His kidney function is compromised and this is almost impossible to treat because of his other medical problems :cry: . If we dosed him so his kidneys would function well, the strain on his heart would be too much.

Last Thursday and Friday, we had him at the vets all day on a slow drip to try to flush his kidneys. He came home each evening, but by Friday night, his urea and creatine levels were still high. The vet said he would benefit from another day, but although he showed improvement from Sunday onwards, at the time I felt it was very trying and exhausting for him. Contrary to what I expected, apparently he just sat up all day on each “watching” what was going on. As he is blind, he must have been very worried and confused and I felt this was obvious when I collected him each evening. There is only so much you can expect of these little elderly ones.

We have fiddled with meds and doses and I think we just have to watch him carefully from now on to ensure whatever we do is for his good and comfort. :love::love:

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That first photo of him waiting is absolutely gorgeous... look at his dear grey face...

More hugs for you DD... it must be heartbreaking knowing that his time with you is so limited now.


Yes, T. When I moved here in January 2005, I had five little dogs (and my beautiful Gussy Cat): Danny, Jeune, Tamar, Gong Zhu and Tirra. In those years up until now, many many dogs have come and gone (rescues, fosters, overnighters, boarders) and they have all moved on to new homes, or gone to god, but through it all Danny, Jeune and Tamar have been with me. Bunter has been a Moocher for 5 years (hard to believe - still seems like yesterday) and he is about 15 with heart problems :( . So it is all getting a bit overwhelming, really. Already, I am feeling sick to think of how Tamar will be when Danny and Jeune go. :cry:

Anyway, mustn’t wallow, walkies call :D

In younger, glossier days (and pre new curtains and painting):


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Gee...she looks like a cunnin' little white dog DDD, she is smirking!...she has you figured out

Tamar is just waitingwaitingwaiting for stuff (or food) to happen :D

LOL - she is timid in the extreme, jumps if a twig snaps when we are walking and, as for food ------ are you sure it isn’t poisoned?

ETA: I think I put this photo in the wrong thread :o

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Danny Boy is somewhat off colour today, having brought up all his meds :( :( I changed the quilt he was lying on, put down a new one and went into the kitchen for something; came out and he’d thrown up again on the new one. Not a lot, but it is such a continuous worry.

However, it is a beautiful day and (despite having to vote) we are going to make the most of it.

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How is your handsome little man going DDD?

Loved the photo of him finishing off the pumpkin soup. Nothing like leftovers is there, my lot are like hoovers, going around the kitchen floor looking for anything that might have fallen from the fridge/bench/my mouth, ever hopeful aren't they lol

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He is doing well, thanks Cazablanca. He sleeps a lot, of course, and occasionally finds himself “cornered” so has a snooze before working out how to extricate himself.


Is that you mum? Come to get me out of here?


Actually, he isn’t really caught as that is the kitchen and I was doing some washing up. He still likes to be by my side.

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