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Perses' Pups


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  • 2 weeks later...

..slightly OT ....

*goes to have a cup of tea, a bex, and some sort of a lie down!*

never a dull moment here -

Pudden & Ash & Don are chained up close to the back door /porch at night ... they bark ..often... :o at any other dog , or owls, or things that go 'bump' in the night ...

I was taking out a bag of rubbish - when I thought I'd see what had the dogs so excited this time !! Yes, then I heard a 'bang' on the back door -thought it was probably Fred or someone else of the dog persuasion - and opened the wooden door , the screen door -felt a 'bump' then said a rude word and side stepped smartly to stop a large, VERY fluffed up and panicked feral CAT from coming into the Kitchen!!!!

What sort of a dim witted cat would come within coo-ee of a house surrounded by dogs ?

Obviously one which was attracted by food - and snuck close before the dogs awoke , and , then surrounded, chose the porch and lights instead of fierce dogs . :(

I do think he's still running ... as in his panic he ran, hit a wall , bounced back and hit my legs - took flight, got tangled in a cardboard box - then escaped into the 'jungle'.

We walked & searched - Don thought he was up in a tree ( standing on hind legs , gazing upwards & sniffing loudly, then sitting)- but i couldn't see anything .

Hopefully he won't return soon - ...

We dispatched one a couple of days ago - Molly & Smoke found and cornered it ...

Hope it does not signify a 'plague' of cold and very hungry , risk taking ferals .:(

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Lucky the cat only bounced off you, rather than deciding that you were a safe "tree" to climb... errr!


hadn't actually thought of that !! All I was worried about was it slipping past me & thru the open door straight on top of tallie & Molly ..and heaven knows what would have happened then! :(

:) but it didn't ..and all's well.

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A failed hunt, but he still got some time in the kitchen ;) a slightly out of focus Don dog , after failing to show me where that scungy looking fox lives ..tracking was enthusiastic , and pretty well accurate until rocks etc got in teh way ...


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Do you ever trap the foxes perse? The hungry, ill, and slow ones are usually easy to catch and dispatch using a cage trap loaded with giblets.

Good boy Don... you did your best....


T - live trapping is so goddammed stressful for any critter .I have done it - but hate it with a passion . :o my live traps were placed in shrubbery , protected from the wind and rain , and were secure from attempted predation by eagles etc ......yes they worked for foxes and cats .. but i couldn't be unmoved by the behaviour of whoever was trapped :(

I would much rather the critter be alert, , not alarmed , and then , simply be no more . I am usually a good enough shot to grant them an instant exit from the world.

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