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Perses' Pups


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Loving the green stuff... and the fog... yeah!


hard to explain my thankfulness and enjoyment for this weather ....it's a bit like 3 Secret Santas at once ! ;) :love: BUT BETTER!!MUCH BETTER

My old Pop had a saying when this reprieve from sand , dry and despair came about - he'd say

"I just want to get down & ROLL in it "

I know just how that feels at present.

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Freddie loves water , hoses, taps ...

I left a hose running for him yesterday ..and then had to laugh as he made his moat!!

he dug just ahead of the water ,letting it flow on ..and on ...

When it stopped flowing a couple of times, he went to where it was blocked, cleared it ..then ran back to the front of the flow to continue .

Molly just watched .


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