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While I am MOST displeased with MM's prey drive getting her doing stuff like chasing cars & roos :(

I am MOST proud of her behaviour today amongst strangers :)

We have had lots of people around - so she spent a few hours in the car very near the activity just watching/listening this afternoon . No barking , no chewing or distress ... she slept , and a few times I would see her head pop up & look around , that's all :)

Tonight she said that she was going to stick with me - so .. she did .

Compared to last weekend when she growled /barked at everyone ... she was relatively calm around the sensible folks who knew(or responded happily to my request) to just ignore her .She did a few 'sits' and other things in their presence, and enjoyed some chicken skin & kabana ..and would just gently remove herself to a safer distance ...

Mind you, we BOTH got a bit upset with those who said .."she needs socialising !" "here, Molly ..Molly , SIT ..Molly blah blah blah " ..this, following the poor dog around & getting in her face .... and were upset when I asked them to please just ignore her . "but she NEEDS socialising .. let me pat her ...."


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She's plenty social with those she's claimed as her family...and that's all that matters, yes?

If she doesn't want to play nice with strangers, then she doesn't have to. Be firm about that with strangers who think they know better... grrr!

Your house, your land, your dog... YOUR rules!


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..well, this morning zI left her in the car during the dawn Service at our place ..and she howled the place down! :( I had to let her out ... and she was at least quiet ..slinking around ..eventually finding 'her' bed in the kitchen.

Most folks soon recognised she waay timid - and just ignored her :) I was happy - there were about 70 people & noise & kids ... :)

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The Boss is way more patient Than I thought !!

he had Smoke with him today .

yes Smoke threw up all over the tray of the 4WD . ( The Boss says it's 'nerves' - and he may be right .)

yes, Smoke threw up whilst riding on the bike ( one of the many reasons The Boss wears canvas "chaps" to protect his legs )

yes, Smoke did listen and do some work .

yes, Smoke is the same as Don - can be with you - then in a millisecond has dashed off at top speed somewhere else completely :(

*sigh* Trials & Tribulations!!

ha, ha - Yesterday , Don's mum had 'an outing' with The Boss ... she has decided she's retired :( She will be sorely missed . She isn't called "little Bitch' for nothing ! She has always been a strong and intent worker . She now saves what she has to sort out the youngsters - like a stealth missile!!

Luckily she does have another job ;) She is a great "meet & greet" dog when groups of visitors come . She LOVES attention, and is all soft & cuddly , and folks love her name !! She is also an excellent swag/couch/car seat warmer .

Molly, Pudden & Ash 'put up' a very old and rather large buck kangaroo this morning . It is just SO sad , seeing roos just a few metres from the house , and so thin & weak :( This fella tried his best to stand & deliver ..but was wobbling and weaving ...

Please let me know if I am posting too much of this stuff - :o

And don't imagine a doggy utopia ;) it's a no-frills lifestyle , including off duty restrictions by the use of chains - tough love , and work which involves much effort , both mental and physical ...

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